Starting a business can be a difficult task, mainly due to the great demand of economic resources and the time it takes to create or develop, but a new business is also considered a great enriching experience both in the personal and professional field.

One of the most important points of every entrepreneur is their way of thinking, which ultimately ends up affecting how the business is run (which can cause the business to develop or simply disappear). Below we share 7 tips that can help us start or grow our company or business.

Knowing our skills

It is important that we know what our skills, strengths and weaknesses are, especially to be able to complement other people since we may need the skills of other professionals, for example our “strong” may be the “sales” part but that the administrative area is not of our interest, or that we like the “legal” part but that we have problems in the marketing area, there is also the possibility that we like to design or create a product but that we do not like to manage work teams or direct projects.

Customer or target audience

The customer becomes the raison d’etre of a business or company, that is why we must direct all our efforts (both physical and economic) to conquer it and try to keep it always satisfied, it is recommended to know what their needs, behaviors, dreams are, goals, fears, age, level of studies, marital status, gender, age range and above all what is your way of thinking.

Why is this information necessary? because it will allow us to improve our products and services according to what those clients expect (offering a more satisfactory experience for them), on the other hand it will allow us to focus better on attracting new clients with those specific characteristics and not waste time with people who They are not interested in our product or service (or simply do not have the economic means to acquire it.

Business plan

It is important to develop a good business plan to develop our company and attract future investors, having a solid business plan will make other people or companies financially support us in the development of our business.

We must include in that plan the mission and vision of the company, a description of the people in charge and their experience in the area, the business line, a demonstration / description of the product or service, the market to which it is directed, the risks that the business faces, the legal sustenance, the operational costs, the financial projections and the profitability of the investment.

Delegate and decentralize

When the CEO or founder of a company begins to centralize or control many key business processes, or simply “does not allow” that specialists from different areas have autonomy in their actions, in the end it ends up impeding the overall development of the company or business , because of this it is important that the CEO or founder delegates as many functions / tasks as possible and only focuses on their strengths and activities that are at the level of their position as well as thinking about how the company or business can Go to the next level and reach your maximum potential in the future.

Constant training of the CEO

The founder or CEO of a company can be a fundamental piece for the development of the same, but it can also become the worst obstacle to its growth, to avoid this it is essential that the CEO can be trained constantly in different areas, not with In order to execute them but to be able to supervise them, to be able to take ideas that allow the company to grow in general and have a greater perspective, it is recommended that the CEO constantly consume content: books, audiobooks, blogs, videos and take courses (face-to-face or digital) on various key areas such as: business activities, leadership, finance, personal development, success mindset, trends, new technologies, etc.

For example, Facebok CEO Mark Zuckerberg set himself the annual goal of reading a book every week; by the end of the year he had read 52 books and said that this habit had served to increase his perspective on many aspects of his business. Another important point about training is to have a mentor or tutor, a person who has achieved what we want to achieve, having a mentor can help focus and above all to measure our progress and progress, for example in the case of Mark Zuckerberg, one of the tutors he had, was Steve Jobs himself (CEO of Apple Computer, now deceased).

Do not fear the competition

It is important to try to see the competition as a means that can teach us many lessons. The competition should encourage us to improve ourselves and make ourselves a better company and provide a better service to our customers. There are many companies and businesses that manage to grow thanks to “free competition” since this process means that they have to be more efficient in their decision-making processes and the evaluation of complex situations.

We must also take into account that a potential competitor can become at some point an “ally”, that is why today the thermal “co-competition” has become very fashionable by making the different companies and businesses that can “collaborate” with their competitors to face various challenges in their industry. For example, there are companies and businesses that approach their competitors to make various “strategic alliances” where both businesses benefit from joint or coordinated actions aimed at improving the industry or adding value to their target audience.

Accept the change

The only constant in the business world is change, which is why it is important that the company is prepared for new trends, it is recommended that every business or company has an R & D area (even small) so that they can carry out research on new trends or develop new products or services, this area is essential for the company or business can survive over time, a sample of this is that today there are many jobs or areas that did not exist just 10 years ago, because of this it is essential that every company or business constantly explore new alternatives that allow it to diversify its offer or simply face a change that may affect your company or business in the future.

What do you think about this topic? Is there any advice you would like to share to grow a business or company?

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