The world of cryptocurrencies is revolutionizing the way we see the economy, creating a new way of making contracts, financial transactions, investments and any other type of commercial operation. For many, who have little knowledge in the matter, to speak of cryptocurrencies is to speak of bitcoin, however in addition to this cryptocurrency there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies globally.

In the previous article titled What is ethereum? Learn more about this cryptocurrency, we talk a little about the emergence of ether, because the ethereum itself is not the cryptocurrency but a new development based on the blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies use, but going a step further by evolving towards smart contracts, all thanks to the innovative idea of a young man, Vitalik Buterin, who we will know a little more about today.

A young Russian with Canadian training

Vitalik was born in Russia in 1994 and at the age of 6 he went with his parents to live in Canada, since they were in search of better employment opportunities. A few years later, when he was only in elementary school, Vitalik began to show extraordinary skills for mathematics, programming and even economics, things that led him to stand out from his classmates.

Upon entering high school he found a new learning mode that was fascinating for him, about this time he mentions the following: “What matters most to me is to learn to think, to learn to reason, to learn to learn.” And yes, that’s what he did precisely during these years, to devote himself to learning to the fullest and then to be able to put into practice all the logic of thought he had developed.

Your approach to cryptocurrencies

You might think that Vitalik’s first contact with cryptocurrencies was thanks to his knowledge in finance, or his programming studies, but the truth is that it has nothing to do with that. Vitalik was a video game lover and then (between 2007 and 2010) an experienced player of World of Warcraft, (a popular video game from Blizzard).

How is it that this game led him to approach the cryptocurrencies? He had a favorite character, a sorcerer, who, from one moment to another took one of his powers with the spells and this made him think that it was unfair that only one person made decisions about the lives of many. It is there when he begins to think that things should work in a decentralized way.

Doing research on this topic and talking with his father (who had experience in the field), knows the bitcoin. Vitalik, with only 19 years old at the time, says that at first he did not think it was reliable and that he generated many doubts because he did not understand how it was possible for something without physical support to have value. But little by little he was getting closer and closer to this world and realized the potential he had, to the point that he soon started writing for a bitcoin blog called Bitcoin Weekly to later become a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine.

The birth of the ethereum technology

In 2012, after entering the University of Waterloo, Vitalik realizes that his projects on cryptography needed at least 30 hours a week, so he decided to leave the university and devote himself to travel and investigate other projects, sharing his ideas with others developers, which allowed him to realize that most of the existing projects were very specific and not sufficiently generalized, as he was thinking.

At the end of 2013, he writes his first whitepaper on this subject and is what marks the birth of ethereum as a technology for cryptocurrencies based on intelligent contracts, where intermediaries are eliminated and immediate answers are obtained to the results of transactions involved in the processes could obtain immediate gains on their investments.

Ethereum today

This idea that he presented in 2013 was maturing, working, developing more and more and evolving. With it the ether was born, as a unit of change in the technology of intelligent contracts and quickly began to become a cryptocurrency that is at the height of Bitcoin and competes with it in the preferences of investors and economists.

Recently at an annual conference of the Ethereum developer community, Vitalik said that this technology has to keep evolving but that in order to really reach its full potential it has to stop depending on it, because it would be losing the essence that gave it origin: decentralization.

What do you think about this topic? Did you already know the young creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin?

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