Every entrepreneur must always look for alternatives and consider different strategies to approach the market or area in which he wants to venture to position himself, but it is not always easy when you have to make large investments in commercial premises, licenses, employee payments, public services and all expenses involved in maintaining a physical office. Because of this, using the Internet to empower or develop our business or company has become a fundamental tool for achieving the objectives set.

The keys to the success of every entrepreneur

In the previous article entitled 7 tips to grow your business, we mentioned the importance of having a good business plan and learn to delegate the responsibilities within our business or company.

These same tips apply when the business we wish to undertake is online. Why? Because we should not start a business if we are not clear about our goals, abilities and strengths that will help us achieve them. On the other hand, the definition of the target audience or of our ideal client is always fundamental (whether we start on the Internet or in a traditional physical business).

Differentiate between building digital platforms and generating traffic

When you start on the Internet, you make the mistake of focusing only on the construction of digital platforms (blog, website, Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel, image design, etc.). However, build or optimize a channel it does not mean that the traffic will arrive alone, for this you must do other monthly tasks to be able to take visits to these platforms, among the most common actions or tasks are paid advertising (PPC), content marketing, strategic alliances, email marketing, etc.

It is essential to separate the creation of platforms with the generation of traffic since they are tasks that require different professionals and specialists, for example we can not hire a web designer to advise us on organic traffic, content generation, paid advertising (PCC) or some Google standard, since it is simply not your specialty, while on the other hand we can not hire an SEO (search engine optimization) to design an image for our website.

Content Marketing

After the construction of platforms is recommended to establish a content plan to generate traffic in the medium and long term (for the short term we can use paid advertising or PPC), a content plan will allow us to add value to our potential customers, be a reference in the subject, convert a stranger into a friend and then a client, however to achieve this goal we must have a rate of publication (generating content focused on our target audience).

Follow the guidelines of a single professional in the area

It is common to see a lot of information on the Internet, especially in what corresponds to the digital marketing, usually entrepreneurs who start in this area tend to “defocus” to see different experts on the subject and try to follow their advice, It is recommended that the entrepreneur select a single expert (after evaluation), hire him (or buy his courses) and follow all his advice or guidelines for a minimum period of 6 months to a year, only after that, it is only recommended ” change “of expert or adviser. Having several advisors or experts in the area will only mean that none of these points of view or strategies can be used or applied 100% since there will always be different criteria, points of view or strategies to reach the same goal, in this case it is recommended have a single expert or reference in the subject.

Virtual shops

Selling own products through a virtual store could represent a good tool for our business or company, however we must emphasize that not all businesses need this tool. In the event that we decide to have a virtual store it is recommended to do it with a professional or company with experience and above all, not only focus on the construction of the same, but also in other important actions such as generating traffic and measuring conversions.

Accept online payments

It is important that we accept different means of online payments to sell our products or services, in addition to the known credit / debit cards or Paypal (which charge high commissions), there are other alternatives such as cryptocurrencies, which charge minimum commissions and are quite versatile , among the best known are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash.

What do you think about this topic? Do you recommend any other advice to undertake on the Internet?

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