Sometimes we look at companies that are successful in a relatively short time and we wonder how they have managed to do it. This is not about a magic formula, but rather about clear and defined objectives and a team committed to achieving it. One of the ways to get the whole team to commit to the same goal is to establish what is known as a “code of honor”. A code of honor is a set of rules and regulations with which all team members agree and commit to comply with that code.

Why is it necessary to establish these rules?

If rules are not established that allow all team members to take their best potential, then each member will create their own rules (with very good intentions), but if everyone does things their own way, then there may be contradictions with Other members of the team when executing these rules, for example if they remember to “arrive at the time”, this criterion can be very broad and can lead to misunderstandings, for example for some people it may mean “to be crossing the door of entry “at that time, while for others it may be to arrive 10 minutes early and” start “the group meeting at exactly that time.

The importance of seeing who the team members are

This is a very important aspect when starting any business, selecting the people who will be part of the team seeing them as that, a member more than one team that is like the member of a body, necessary with a function different from that of the rest, but with the same goal: maintain balance and life.

In the case of the ideal team members, these priorities should be clear in this order: the mission (first), the needs of the team and finally the individual needs. To the extent that team members are able to understand and assimilate that order of priorities, the team will be directed towards success.

Once we have our code of honor ready, this will also be useful to recruit other candidates, one of the most effective ways to recruit personnel that is consistent with our organization and vision is to explain the current honor code, if the person is According to this code, it will have a better chance of success in the organization (and will adapt better to the environment), but if the applicant does not agree with the code of honor, then it is best not to enter the organization anymore. that there will be incompatibilities with the other members of the team (and with the organization in general).

Unique skills in unique people make unique companies

It is an important part that everyone in the team should have clear, especially the leaders: each individual has unique abilities. It is important to understand that and learn to enhance those skills so that they can be used to achieve the goals and objectives proposed.

As an example, there are the US Army marines. They are committed to a code of honor that unites them, makes them feel part of a whole, they fulfill it not because they feel obliged to do it because a boss sends them but because they themselves assume it as something essential so that everyone can be well. Some feel responsible for others and all are responsible for a whole, thus, safeguarding the life of one of the comrades in the battle means that finally everyone will be taking care of themselves and there will be more possibilities to win the battle if everyone is waiting to take care of their companions as they would take care of themselves.

There are basic questions that can be asked to identify if any person could be a member of our work team, for example: what kind of energy does that person have? What are your wishes to be successful? Would they allow another person to achieve the objectives that have been raised and collaborate with it? Is he a responsible person? Is a person who follows rules and could comply with the honor code we have established? What is that person’s unique ability?

Basic elements in a code of honor

All honor codes must contain basic rules associated with the vision of the company and way of working, it is recommended that in total there are no more than 10 norms or rules, although there may be the temptation to place more points, there are several rules that can be “join” into one, the shorter the code, the easier it will be to remember and internalize. Nor can it happen that the leader overlooks the mistakes in the code. It is not about reprimands or sanctions, it is about dialogue and understanding, but it must be done in a timely manner. If someone is missing the honor code, it must be told immediately, it is worthless to claim or reprimand for a fault committed months or even weeks ago.

To create a code of honor, the first thing to do is identify the opportune moment, identify if there are behaviors in the team that are recurrent and that interfere with their performance. You have to find a way for everyone to participate in the development of the code, so that they can feel identified and feel part of the team. Finally, we can’t control all the moods of team members, so this is something that must be respected within the honor code and set limits so that there is mutual respect among the members.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already established a code of honor for your company or work team?

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