In the previous article entitled What is blockchain technology? We mentioned the concept of distributed accounting, which guarantees the security of transactions since they have a unique identifier and the information is encrypted. But if there is another thing that helps improve the security of transactions in a blockchain network, it is precisely the existence of the nodes.

What is a node?

The nodes, to be able to understand more easily, are computers that are connected and share information with each other to form a network, in this case we are talking in the blockchain network that can be bitcoin, ethereum, dash or any other cryptocurrency. The union of these nodes are the ones that form the main basis of the blockchain network, its fundamental axis, something like its spine.

Relationship of the nodes with mining

For the security of the blockchain network to be complete, the participation of the miners is not enough, there must also be nodes that help guarantee that the rules that have been established for the particular cryptocurrency are fully complied with. The nodes can store an important part of the information contained in this great book, and can reach a maximum of 100GB of information.

It is good at this point to differentiate: nodes and mining are not the same thing although a team that has been incorporated as a node to the blockchain could also be used for mining, but it would be exclusive of its other function. While computers dedicated to mining are constantly performing complex computational calculations, the nodes are there to guarantee the stability and security of the transactions carried out by the miners, that is, to guarantee that the established rules are complied with when adding new blocks to the chain, approve or not the transactions and they are not guaranteed a profit for their participation within the network.

Importance of the nodes in the security of the blockchain

In the digital world, it is always very important to take all possible security measures, especially in this case where digital money is used, that is, the management of financial assets in a data network that, like any element in the web, runs the risk of receiving attacks and being hacked by unscrupulous people.

In the previous article entitled 51% attacks how do they work? We already talked a bit about these security problems that the blockchain network could have, in this case it can correspond to a group of miners that agree to control more than half of the network’s operations and thus make all the decisions that have to do with it. It is then how the real influence of the nodes in the operation of the blockchain network lies in the security they bring to it and in the power of decision that they have over the approval or not of the transactions.

Types of nodes that exist

As in other types of elements within the bitcoin network, there is more than one type of node and this will depend on their participation in the chain and the function that they have decided to fulfill within the network. This is how we can find complete nodes and light nodes, of which we will talk in depth.

Complete nodes

The complete nodes are those that are responsible for checking each block within the chain and verify that it complies with the rules and parameters established to be incorporated. This type of node has the power to reject a transaction that does not comply with any of the established norms, so other nodes have previously approved it and an important thing is that this transaction that attempted to violate the rules will not be admitted again within a time that be considered prudential.

Light nodes

The light nodes do not store as much information as the complete nodes, therefore they are not as secure as they are nor are they completely independent, which means that they can easily be “cheated” and end up approving transactions that did not really comply with all the security protocols. . That is why in the end all transactions must go through complete nodes, since they reduce the vulnerability of the network.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know the importance of the nodes in the blockchain network?

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