The habit of reading is very important in the life of anyone, but if someone wants to train becomes essential, especially as a tool to achieve success. Reading is transcending a little beyond ourselves and beginning to see experiences and life from the point of view of other people who could serve as models or examples.

In the previous article titled 7 habits of a successful entrepreneur when getting up, we mentioned reading as an essential point for training, trying to have an average of at least one book per month. However, it is not about reading anything because every day we read the news, magazines, blogs on the internet, but what is really important to read are books that help to develop new skills or enhance those that we already have.

In this sense, we want to recommend these 5 books that we believe are essential for the life of an entrepreneur because they provide motivational tools, academic, business, and economic techniques and personal development issues that will positively influence who reads them. Below are recommendations.

Rich Dad, Poor Father by Robert Kiyosaki

This is a metaphorical book in which Kiyosaki talks about how two parents (their own father and the father of their best friend) obtained different results in terms of success based on their way of managing a business. Kiyosaki affirms that financial success is not about how many studies or university degrees a person has, but about the real knowledge that he has of how the economy is managed.

Likewise, he talks about the “race of the rat” to which many people get used to. They work to produce more money and the more money they produce the more they spend, so they will have to work more. A vicious circle just like the rats in their wheel in the cage. What Kiyosaki recommends, among other things, is to work for himself, that is, to learn to manage his own business, reduce expenses that generate liabilities and invest in real assets that allow achieving financial freedom. Throughout the book he goes on to explain the rich father’s techniques to achieve it and what he taught his son about money.

The 4-hour work week by Timothy Ferriss

The main idea that this book wants to transmit is to change the paradigms in the way of thinking: not necessarily who works more earns more money. It raises a clear distinction between what is relative income and absolute income where a person who makes $ 1,000 a week maybe less solvent than a person who makes $ 600, why? Because your income is relative since you could be working 40 hours or more weekly while the person who earns $ 600 could be working alone 10.

How does this happen? Through the 3 points that Ferris considers essential: The elimination, the automation and finally the release. Elimination refers to eliminating things that are not necessary, tasks that consume time and are not really productive or those that generate few benefits. Automation by performing repetitive tasks through the use of technology or hiring remote assistants to help you do it and finally, the good management of those two will lead you to the liberation that is the possibility of enjoying more free time doing what you like or sharing with your family.

Marketing permission Seth Godin

It is one of the classics of Godin who has stood out as a marketing genius. Basically, it starts talking about how marketing was handled in ancient times where there were only two television channels and people looked at them and focused all their attention there. Today there are different types of marketing and include some of those ads that appear on websites or applications (interruption marketing), which ends up bothering customers and they do not want to see it.

The marketing of the permit is the opposite, is to convince the consumer to allow you to offer your content through incentives that you offer on your site such as reports, audiobooks, courses, images that you generate, etc., but not everything can be sold, For the person to continue giving you permission to send them your advertising, you will have to add value. In these cases, it is about having to offer your client, so that when the time comes to ask, your client will have already received so much that he will not have any problem in repaying it in any way.

Awakening the inner giant of Anthony Robbins

The first fundamental idea that Robbins raises in this book is that we have the ability to change our lives based on the decisions we make, this is because it is our decisions and not our conditions that determine our destiny, therefore everything is based on taking good decisions.

The decisions we make are always oriented towards two factors: reducing pain and increasing satisfaction, that’s why there are people who decide to stay and watch television instead of working on their projects. To make the right decisions Robbins advises associating non-productive actions with pain. So, if for example, you think about sitting down to watch television or sleep, and you associate that with then you will not have money to enjoy a vacation or you will not have time to share with your family, you will end up making the decision to work.

The myth of the entrepreneur Michael Gerber

This book became very famous thanks to the second that we recommend since Tim Ferris recommends it in the 4-hour work week. In this book, Gerber proposes basic solutions for people who go through what he calls “entrepreneurial adolescence” in order to be able to pass on to “adulthood” in a satisfactory way and they are: to create a manual for each one of the positions of the company, to establish roles and systems.

Other things that it raises as necessary are to define very well each of the roles within the company and not hire friends or family members. The problem with hiring family members is that it is possible that these people do not fulfill their roles and do not focus their objectives on the client. It is about finding a way to generate homogeneous results that generate confidence in customers or consumers.

What do you think about this topic? Have you read any of these books?

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