One of the things that is most important when it comes to having an internet business is the way in which it processes payments. Most electronic stores have to integrate payment processors in order to receive the money from the sale of their products or services. Most of the most popular payment processors, such as PayPal, operate only with fiat money.

The rise that cryptocurrencies have taken in the business world and the online economy has meant that many companies are already looking for ways to incorporate them as a means of payment and that is why payment processors for cryptocurrencies have also emerged, and among them there are those that also offer the crypto wallet service, that is, in them you can save your cryptocurrencies and those that are also exchanges. Here are some of the cryptocurrency processors that currently exist and also some exchanges.


It is a bitcoin payment processor of Russian origin that came into operation in 2010 and is nowadays widely used, especially in Russia and on websites that need to operate with rubles and convert the cryptocurrencies they receive into Russian money. One of its most important features is that it serves to send and receive payments in cryptocurrencies quickly and safely.

One disadvantage of this payment processor is that its transactions are irreversible, that is, if there is a problem with the transaction then there would be no possibility of making a claim or what in other payment processors like PayPal is known as a dispute. On the other hand, the fees charged by this company are quite high compared to other similar sites.


This processor allows business owners to accept cryptocurrencies in their stores. The way it works is very simple: the buyer pays with the cryptocurrency of his preference as he would with any means of payment and has a low commission rate or can also choose to pay with utrust’s own currency that does not pay no commission for the transaction.

One of the greatest advantages of this platform is that payments are approved almost immediately, unlike other processors that take much longer to accept and verify transactions. On the other hand, low rates and utrust rates have made it one of the most important in the market today.

Mycelium gear

This payment processor is very particular since it also works as a wallet and is well known for its application for mobile phones, however, if you do not use your own wallet, it will limit you only to those that use the BIP32 protocol in order to generate a exclusive address for each client.

One positive thing about this payment processor is that when you enter your website you will see an administration panel where you have the possibility to review all your transaction history and get widgets that allow you to incorporate it into websites made with a content manager such as WordPrees, Joomla or Drupal.

Bitcoin Payments

This is perhaps one of the easiest to use because it is simply used as a plugin for wordpress. This brings some disadvantages with respect to others because being only a WordPress plugin limited only to this CMS (although it has not been updated two years ago and may not be compatible with the latest versions) and also has just enough power to generate personalized addresses but has an advantage over others and is not connected to any other website, which makes it ideal for those who care more about privacy.

Mercury Cash

This company started operations in 2016 and became the first company to obtain the license to buy and sell Ethereum in the state of Florida. Since then it has functioned as an Exchange of fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Although it started only with Ethereum, nowadays it also operates with Bitcoin and Dash.

Mercury Cash also works as a wallet, that is, you can get your own address to receive your cryptocurrencies and also have them stored to use them when you see fit. It currently has more than 10,000 active users and offers them the advantage of being able to settle their transactions in real time between cryptocurrency and fiat money.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know any of these payment processors?

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