Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and we want to send our congratulations to all those brave women, fighters, entrepreneurs, workers and, in short: women, who day by day mark the world with their presence, who with firm steps on heels are leaving traces wherever you go and the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is not the exception.

As part of the tribute we want to pay today to the feminine influence in the blockchain and to those women who have influenced and have become a fundamental part of a world that was previously considered only for men, and not only have they opened fields but they have been made true models to follow for others. Then we mentioned 4 of those women and the contributions they have made to the cryptocurrency market.

Roya Mahboob: Bitcoin has boosted the economic independence of Afghan women

As first in our list, we want to mention this woman, originally from a society where women are completely relegated to household chores and where their rights are constantly violated. This woman created a foundation whose sole objective was to provide work opportunities through digital media to women, but due to the impossibility for women to receive their income in traditional banks.

Roya looked at the cryptocurrencies and began to add her workers to the blockchain ecosystem, allowing them, through the wallets and all the cryptocurrency protocol, to manage their own money and find a way of life totally different and independent of the patriarchal style to which they had them submitted.

Elizabeth Starks: Co-founder and CEO of Lightin Labs

The presence of women in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies tends to be reduced or taken less by the common denominator, however, women like Elizabeth demonstrate totally the opposite. This woman is considered one of the most influential people in the world in the world of block chains and she says that it is incorrect to say that the bitcoin world does not have enough female presence as more and more women are in positions very high and defend their positions in this financial style.

Cristina Carrascosa: lawyer and teacher of blockchain

This woman, today a prominent lecturer in Spain and part of Europe, is a lawyer and worked with a very important law firm until in 2014 she discovered the blockchain. She states that this technology for her was almost like the discovery of the internet, a total revolution in the way of seeing and doing financial operations. He devoted himself to studying and learning more and more and came to the point of being able to combine his profession (the law) with cryptocurrencies, being able to propose important innovations in the way in which work is done above all with DAOs and smart contracts.

“It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, the important thing is what you know and the value you bring” says Cristina to the question of why she believes she has managed to stand out in this world considered a world of men. And that’s the way it is, thanks to her profession she has managed to bring a lot of value to the world of the European blockchain and has encouraged other women to join the current of the blockchain era.

Meena Ghyasi founder of Criptomujer

If there is a true example of what a brave and fighting woman is, it is Meena. This young woman, due to the restrictions of her culture, did not have early access to education, as it was prohibited for women. Before her 18th birthday, her father became seriously ill and died, and she was not allowed to take over family business, even though she had received some academic training in a school for girls and had learned to use computers very well. .

This is how she was forced to marry a friend of her father who was 30 years older than her, he was allowed to continue attending school during the first years of marriage until he decided it was time for him to have a child and she would stay in the house, only in housework. However, to please her, he gave her a state-of-the-art computer that became Meena’s only escape from reality.

For years she had to endure bumps and humiliations from her husband until she discovered that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology would allow her to have her own money, without needing to open a bank account, which was very beneficial for her and her plans to separate. . On one occasion her husband hit her so hard that she was at rest for a week in which he was asked not to come near her. Upon returning, sorry for what he had done, he asked for forgiveness and Meena took advantage and managed to buy him a very powerful graphics card.

Thanks to this card he began to mine cryptocurrencies and, for his good fortune, the rebound of the bitcoin value managed to obtain enough money to escape. As soon as he could do it, he escaped to another country, studied engineering and devoted himself to giving talks to women who were victims of abuse by their husbands, from these talks arose the Criptomujer foundation that aims to teach women how to cryptocurrency they can be a solution for their lives, in addition to giving them tools and the necessary empowerment to avoid being victims of abuse in their homes.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know any other influential woman in the blockchain world?

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