With reading we can transcend beyond our own borders and acquire more experience and knowledge, allowing us to meet people who are examples or models. The reading emphasizes that at least one book per month should be read, and this reading should be focused on the development of new skills or enhance those that are possessed.

In the previous article titled 5 books that every entrepreneur should read, we already mentioned some of these books that allow us to improve skills. In this article we recommend five other books that help acquire and develop knowledge, providing motivational tools, business, academic and economic techniques, as well as personal development issues that positively influence the reader

Out of series by Malcolm Gladwell

Book that draws attention for the way in which the author deals with success, especially the one achieved with sacrifice, with setbacks that pushed them to be persistent, and for this reason they consider themselves as out of series, that is, success is not a matter of luck It is a question of struggle and persistence. Out of series, it is a recommended book, the data used by the author are well founded, verified and proven.

The author investigates, according to the experiment he does, and concludes that there is no self-made person. He mentions that although it is an out of series, it is always accompanied by a process that is not accidental, cases like the Beatles, Bill Gates. Culture influences people to achieve or not be serial, statistical data greatly influence, the date of birth can be decisive in the development of your life. There must be a series of events for people to be out of series. In order for success to occur and be one of a series, you must spend 10,000 hours of training.

How to win friends and influence the people of Dale Carnegie

Its teachings still serve those people who seek to establish connections and generate positive impact on other people. Some important ideas such as: Show interest in other people: When you start a conversation, be interested in your interlocutor, you have interesting things to talk about, this is active conversation. Do not criticize: Nobody likes to receive criticism and less if they are not constructive, if you have any disagreement try to be in constructive terms. Always remember the names of the people you talk to: Way to build friendships and build empathy and trust. Express interest in others: Put the interests of others on yours, will show you a human with much influence.

Talk about your mistakes in the first place before other people: You have seen that you were in that position and you made mistakes, the important thing is to overcome them and keep moving forward, generating confidence and encouragement. Express appreciation with sincerity: Important to express sincerity in the appreciation of others, without subterfuge or obscure intentions.

The best discussion is the one that is avoided: As indicated, no one is the possessor of absolute truth, if we make an error, it is best to immediately recognize it, if you are right, show respect to the other person and reach consensus. There are some rules that allow you to win friends and influence them in a positive way.

Why do the rich get richer? by Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki is a motivational writer and speaker, his formulas for generating wealth, do not spend more than he earns, and invest the difference wisely. One of the common causes of failure is that people leave when they see themselves temporarily failing. Riches generally do not respond to desires but to well-defined plans supported by concrete desires that are achieved through constant perseverance.

The law of attraction: if you think it will happen, so you have to imagine wealth to attract wealth, your life is a reflection of your thoughts, if it is going well is because you are thinking positive, otherwise it is because you have Being negative, dominating your mind means seeing setbacks as opportunities to grow.

The power to stay focused of Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewit

This book gives you an accurate map of how to make money, starting by adopting habits that are what will determine your future, if you have bad habits in handling money you will not succeed as an entrepreneur, instead you develop good habits you will be a successful person. The key will be to change your habits. Kiyosaki highlights this phrase: your habit determines your future.

Seth Godin’s Purple Cow

Being different is the reason for this book, in a simple way Godin explains why a marketing and differentiation strategy is necessary in our business. Here are some tips to take into account to be different in our business.

Overcome the traditional business model, change to be the best. As for the market, according to Godin, there are some important rules such as: You can’t sell to everyone, create something worth telling, is what is called ideavirus, the opposite of excellent is good. The secret is to dare. To run risks is to get into unexpected lands, to run the risk of failing, to be different is not easy and you will always receive criticism for being different. People who create purple cows are often afraid, by inertia or by simple conformism and do not dare to be different, to create something extraordinary.

What do you think about this topic? Have you read any of these books?

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