At the end of last year, Mercury Cash made public its alliance with KoreConX in order to use its security protocols to offer greater confidence and security to its investors. Likewise, this alliance seeks to strengthen access to capital and liquidity for private investors. All this sounds great, but let’s know in depth what KoreConX is and how it works, so that you can see the many benefits it offers our customers.

The origins of KoreConX: What is behind this security system?

KoreConX is a company of Canadian origin that was founded in 2015, in response to those companies of the growing fintech career that are looking for ways to access capital and manage it in face of investors after the equity crowdfounding campaigns (of which we talked about in the previous article entitled types of fintech companies).

The main intention with the foundation of KoreConX is that companies can be totally transparent with their shareholders, providing the tools that allow them to have in view, at all times, the capital they have made available to the company through a process of crowdfounding where everyone expects to obtain some kind of economic benefit.

What is KoreConX?

KoreConX is the first highly secure system recognized to be used in the blockchain, fully compatible throughout the world, has its own security tokens that provides an “all in one” tool for users that allows them to comply with regulations and laws in many countries.

Everything is managed through a protocol called KoreToken, which allows optimizing processes and transactions, making them more efficient, without this entailing putting security at risk or neglecting it in the least. With KoreConX, the full lifecycle of the securities is managed, including issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions and custody.

The KoreToken protocol, what is it?

The CEO of KoreConX, Oscar Jofre, mentions this protocol in his statements about the alliance with Mercury Cash where he stated: “With our KoreToken protocol, we are pleased to offer process efficiencies for our issuers and investors without compromising security, protection of the investors. We are delighted that Mercury Cash also shares our values and our vision.”

About the KoreConX and Mercury Cash alliance

Mercury Cash is always in search of transparency in transactions and above everything within the legal framework always. In this sense, the synergy that has occurred with KoreConX allows issuing a security token in different jurisdictions, which is something that greatly benefits the company as it progresses and continues its growth.

For Victor Romero, CEO of Mercury Cash, this partnership is very positive and full of emotion: “We could not be more excited to start working with KoreConX. They are the leaders in the industry that help companies issue a fully compatible security token in multiple jurisdictions. “Looking ahead, the idea is for Mercury Cash to continue to offer its customers and shareholders the possibility of being at ease in everything. Regarding its capital and the stability of it.

What do you think about this topic? What benefits do you think this partnership between Mercury Cash and KoreConX brings?

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