One of the most important things to be able to become a successful entrepreneur is to make a good planning of daily activities. A good plan allows the time used in the day to be optimized to the maximum and to obtain a better performance of each of the activities carried out.

In the previous article titled 7 habits that will allow you to be more productive, we emphasize the importance of planning the day’s activities to become a habit because it will allow you to be better prepared in case of any mishap that may arise along the way. Here are some tips that will allow this planning to be effective.

Make a list of all activities of the day

There are activities that we do every day and that are part of a routine, both at work and in everyday life, that is why it is very important to have a list of those activities to have a clear definition of what they are, so that if it arises some extra activity can be scheduled in the available space.

Define times for each activity

It is useless just to have a list of the activities that we have to carry out if those activities do not have a time destined to be fulfilled. The ideal is to define a specific time for each activity and try to comply with it, in that way, when planning assigning times, we will have an idea of what hours we will have rest in the day and how many will be to work.

Free time is also important

Not everything is about work. Human beings also need a space for rest and recreation, if we only dedicate ourselves to work and do not take time to rest, no matter how hard we try, we will not have the same performance, our level of concentration will decrease and the energies will also, turning work in a sacrifice and something tedious.

Organize and group your activities by degrees of difficulty

There are those who prefer to leave first of the simplest activities and that consume less time to devote themselves finally to the most complex activities. In doing this, the complex activities will have a greater degree of attention on our part because we will not be aware of the need to carry out other activities afterwards.

Identify the sub tasks of your activities

As well as when you are planning a project, in your day to day there will always be some main activities that have secondary tasks, such as driving to work, could include activities such as stopping to refuel and also going to work includes things like driving to work, attend meetings, serve clients and anything associated with the work you do. These small tasks should also be contemplated in your planning, although you should not assign them a specific time.

It never hurts to break the rules

Although the ideal is to comply with the plan that has been made because it is done, if we have not been able to fulfill all the activities of the day, we must remember that there will always be a tomorrow, we should not over exert ourselves because that could have unhealthy consequences and generate a depletion that does not allow to comply with the following day’s activities.

What do you think about this topic? Do you already do any of these things in your daily activities planning?

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