A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (Descentralized Autonomus Organization), this means that it is a group that works independently of external control and lacks a centralized form for decision making. The way a DAO is structured is very broad in such a way that it allows any member to participate and make decisions, following the rules of the structure. A DAO structure is governed by masternodes.

What are the Masternodes?

Masternodes are servers in a decentralized network, which is used to complete unique and specific functions in a way that ordinary nodes can not. A Masternode is a node or a wallet of a cryptocurrency that is fully synchronized in the chain of blocks of any currency that has been chosen and that has availability of MN functions and must always be connected.

When referring to the term MN, any cryptocurrency is described that allows the servers to be used in a decentralized manner, which can generate income for its owner. Anyone is able to execute an MN. The objective is focused on having enough decentralization to guarantee that no one controls a significant part of the blockhain.

The term Masternode was used for the first time to describe the Dash Masternodes, which provide instant and totally private delivery service. Due to their large capacity, the MNs usually require large investments to be able to run, this is the time when the game enters the incentive part, in which Masternodes operators are rewarded by winning lots of block tokens in any cryptocurrency that act as a node.

It is the case that some cryptocurrencies pay rewards to Masternodes operators on several occasions in a day, while others pay only once in a day, likewise there are others that accumulate and cancel at the end of the month, which means that each project is different. The good thing about this dynamic is that operators earn money and provide the network with a service without having to invest in equipment that is expensive to make cryptocurrency mining.

How do the Masternodes work?

The Masternodes are those that guarantee that all transactions are valid almost in real time, for this reason they are considered very efficient. They participate in the management of the network and voting, authorize the budget and the treasury system in crypts. Each master node in the network provides this anonymization service and this guarantees that there is no centralized part with the possibility of being attacked or eliminated.

What is Dash?

Digital currencies are the assets used to exchange goods and services, securities, in the real world and all these currencies are based on blockchain technology. So the Dash is a very stable digital currency and the most used in the world of cryptocurrencies. To learn more about this cryptocurrency, in the previous article titled What is Ethereum? Learn more about this cryptocurrency, explained in detail about the operation of this cryptoactive, which is based on intelligent contracts and use Ether as a unit of value to carry out transactions.

In today’s world there are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies and each one is different from the other in terms of its operation in particular, although all of them are based on the blockchain technology that Bitcoin originally used. Next, a little more is explained about the operation of the Dash.

How does the Dash work?

Like the other cryptocurrencies, the Dash works under blockchain technology, with open source and free circulation worldwide. It was developed in 2014 with the algorithm known as X11, which gives it some very special characteristics that make it easier to exchange, give speed and security in the transactions that are made. Dash makes it possible to divide your unit into small fractions which makes it possible to send and receive minimum quantities using the network.

In such a way that the DAO of Dash is known as the decentralized government of blockchain, and is an organization that approves the owners of the master nodes, to be able to vote and that allows them to decide what will be done with the 10% of the treasury that is It gains product from the operations of the miners. The DAO has become an organization that gives impetus to entrepreneurs in order to provide financing to their projects and ideas by registering them on their official website and thus be able to finalize the necessary support and receive funds from the treasury.

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