Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are digital assets that are based on algorithms that allow a unique access to a value found in a database whose main characteristic is that it is decentralized and distributed and is called Blockchain. This unique and transferable access is the value that can be transferred.

The Bitcoin is the best and best known of what cryptocurrencies are, in other words, it is an asset that does not have physical form, since it is only a digital record that is stored in computers. What makes cryptocurrencies different from the usual bank accounts, even though they are also digital registers, is that their presence is not maintained in the servers of any given financial institution, on the contrary, their distribution is in many places.

There is another important difference, and this is that to confirm if you own cryptocurrencies it is not necessary to prove it and therefore it is not necessary to reveal the identity, for this, to demonstrate ownership of a Bitcoin, use a password previously created with the techniques derived from cryptography, which is the art of creating codes or solving codes, which allows access to the virtual currency without the obligation to reveal some information that only belongs to us and we do not want to supply under any circumstances, for security reasons .

When it comes to security

As mentioned in the previous article entitled monero, one of the safest cryptocurrencies that exist, what the cryptocurrency user looks for the most is the security in the use of so-called virtual money, that their transactions are safe, reliable and transparent. This is due to the inevitable presence of the so-called cybernetic and computer hackers (hackers) who manage to clone and extract any type of information in a fraudulent manner and with very evil intentions. Hence, the arrival of cryptography caused this sense of insecurity to decrease significantly, by introducing Blockchain technology as a means of security.

How to avoid fraud with cryptocurrency

Talking about cryptocurrencies is the most common and normal today, we always talk about Bitcoin, its use, its volatility and the same people who are looking to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that generate profitability in a short time safely. However, in the case of Bitcoin, scammers have a very important ally as is the case of the Internet, which they know how to handle very well and can handle themselves at ease displaying any trick that is difficult to detect by the average user. Next, we mention some strategies used to commit electronic fraud with cryptocurrency.

Focus only on Bitcoin and only on Bitcoin

Once Bitcoin breaks into the market of cryptocurrencies, many legal companies have entered the business through investment funds, web platforms that serve as managers in various assets, financial assistants, etc. Serious and responsible companies have years in the business so they enjoy a good reputation and also offer a range of investment possibilities and are not limited to the business with Bitcoin.

This is the key, to know serious companies in the business, and not fall into those businesses that offer profitability overnight, almost immediately, and that are successful in a very short time, in addition, another thing that characterizes them is that they just want to use Bitcoin and participate in no other financial mechanism. We must be careful with these businesses.

Safe but exaggerated income

Usually when there is money on the table, what is expected is to obtain the greatest possible benefit, no serious company ensures 100% profitability, and the reason is that nobody could do it, since any type of business always involves a risk . That is why Bitcoin fraudsters always offer the highest possible profitability, and not only that, but they even exaggerate in those benefits being much higher than those normally offered by another company in the field.

Almost no one is saved from the scammers and Bitcoin could not be the exception, we must be very aware, since they handle the Internet very well better than any other company and discovering them is sometimes very difficult. All have only one objective: to obtain easy and immediate gains. Precisely thanks to the blockchain and cryptocurrency is that these possibilities have been reduced to a minimum, but still we must be very attentive to what happens around us.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know all these security options offered by cryptocurrency?

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