When we refer to what social action means, we can define it in terms of sociology, as that action that is focused on affecting the behavior of others, that is, fulfilling the expectations of others, or when responding to third party behavior in order to to get certain answers. Now when we refer to the social action of the Dash, through the DAO as an organization, it has managed to finance athletes, scholarships for university students, finance technological events, aeronautical events and educational projects.

Dash is digital money that is better than cash because it is global, it is instantaneous and easy to manage. You have the freedom to make movements of your money whenever you require it without any type of limit, besides that you can move it anywhere in the world almost instantaneously and at a very low cost. The Dash is a very stable digital currency and one of the most widely used worldwide.

How do you get Dash?

It is very easy to obtain through online purchases where there are various options to choose from, it can be by currency and type of payment, that is, if you want to acquire Bitcoin, Euros or dollars you can use Dash taking advantage of the most known payment platforms, including MasterCard.

In the case of ATM transactions these are usually transactions that are executed instantaneously with micro rates that apply for any amount, which can be used anywhere and the user can dispose of them at any time. In the previous article titled What is Dash DAO? It was mentioned that Dash is treated as a digital currency as an asset for exchanging goods and services


How does Dash work?

Peer to peer is a digital currency and has a difference with traditional money, in that there is no central authority that is responsible for monitoring its authenticity and supply. Users should follow the recommended security measures, this will make fraud and theft almost impossible. As there is no central authority, each node of the network must reach a consensus on the balances in each account, every so often. This information must be stored in blocks and written irreversibly and linked to the previous block and thus form a chain. All users of the network have the right to use the accounting book which is updated constantly and this is what is called Blockchain.

In Dash you have the opportunity to become a master node participating in the blockade of 1000 Dash, in such a way that the operators of master nodes obtain gains of up to 45% per reward per block found. Dash users call this service test, although experts prefer to call it a participation test with a limit of 45% of the total issue. The participation test is considered unfair when rewarding the first adopters with a safe money income for life, it is also said to be exclusive and oligarchic. Now in the case of the work test, it is contrary, since it is an open competition and that requires capital, efficiency and the necessary experience.

Dash is credited with a suspicious history because the first million coins were “instated”, even though it is said that this was an accident, however, the coins issued and obtained instantly were never burned. In such a way that using those coins to maintain master nodes is an affront and should not be. Another benefit of Dash is the speed of your transactions, with it you can send, verify and confirm the transaction in a few seconds and we see that this same operation in Bitcoin could take up to 10 minutes.

Will Dash be the new money?

Investors have begun to assess the useful and promising nature of Bitcoin, although it is increasingly clear that Bitcoin will not be able to play the role of digital money and this is why smart investors are now looking for viable alternatives such as Dash. What makes the value of the Dash increase, is its utility as a payment platform, since it is the only digital currency that accepts chain transactions. So that investors who conceive the differences between digital currencies, bet on the Dash and have placed the price at new historical highs.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know about the importance of Dash’s social action?

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