The world of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly interesting and competitive, since there are many criptodivisas in a permanent struggle to be the best, to provide the greatest security and the highest profitability, depending on all this , makes users favor the one that provides more security and transparency in their financial operations. And in this world of cryptocurrencies, we got Ethereum, which has become one of the safest and most innovative in this field.

The appearance of Ethereum in the fintech market

Since its appearance as ICO, which is an initial offer of foreign exchange for its acronym in English, is a method to raise funds instead of going to a financial institution or a venture capitalist. An ICO, also called a crowdsale or a donation, is basically a type of tool that operates with cryptocurrencies in the future and that already have a certain value. Ethereum has achieved a return of investment of 375,000%, which has consolidated it in the second place of the most prestigious cryptocurrencies in the market. This is based on its cutting-edge technology and its consistency with the Blockchain.

In the previous article titled The birth of Ethereum technology, we defined what this technology consisted of and affirmed that it is a digital platform based on Blockchain technology or block chain in Spanish, born to function as an open source platform, which allows any developer to run, provided you have the ability to apply and create decentralized applications. Its design allows applications to be executed as they were programmed and that at no time can they stop working, tolerate censorship, find third party nuisance or possibility of fraud.

How to buy Ether the Ethereum token?

It is already known that Ether is a currency or in other words it is a cryptocurrency in association with the Ethereum platform and that it makes it different from other cryptocurrencies in that it could only be used within the same Ethereum platform. It is, then, a kind of software of intelligent contracts that accedes to create decentralized applications that work under previously programmed parameters, all this with the possibility of avoiding any attempt of fraud, swindle or interference of third parties

We see that Ethereum has managed to emerge in such a short time and this is due to the increase in smart contracts, since every day banks, financial institutions bet on the type of technology that provides Ethereum. The price of this currency will depend largely on the use that is given, something similar happens with Bitcoin, the higher the price.

Different options to buy Ethereum

If you want to buy Ether, there are many websites that offer that possibility, but you have to be careful with this, you have to be a little cautious because there are also many scammers, who are hunting for the unwary. Below are some platforms that have been highlighted for their safety, confidence and efficiency. They guide you to buy and sell Ether or any other currency.

The best thing you can always do is to look for a company that is your total confidence and with which you are sure not only that you will get reasonable prices but that your money will always be backed, in addition, transparency and legality is a primary factor The more secure it is, the better it will be for you.

What do you think about this topic? Do you already have a little clearer how you should do to buy your Ether?

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