We are proud to announce that we have reached the amount of the first phase of our offer for $ 300,000, since the formal start of our Private Placement Offer on May 6. This guarantees the medium-term projects of the company, as well as its viability.

Mercury Cash is a platform that aims to provide the financial services of the future, based on blockchain technology. The Company proposes through the proceeds of this Offer, create, finance, develop and promote products and services to increase the number of new accounts and users, such as private desks (OTC), points of sales (POS), and more. In addition, the Company proposes to create a Parent Company in Estonia, which will be used to obtain international licenses for electronic wallets, the incorporation of Euro Purses in each Mercury Cash Account and the withdrawal of the balance in any bank account in the euro zone.

We aim at a trillion dollar market that is based on the processing of international transactions and payments, and we are close, thanks to the technology that the Company has been able to develop up to now.

The offer of the company shares continues for 12 cents a share, increasing the company’s valuation by 20% since its last phase.

We want to continue providing the opportunity to people outside the United States to be part of this great project in its early stage, which has shown strength and reputation worldwide.

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