KoreConX is a Canadian company founded in 2015, in response to the growing boom of Fintech companies, which are looking for ways to access capital and in turn manage it together with shareholders or investors. The main reason for KoreConX is that companies are totally transparent in the management of the funds with their shareholders, giving the tools that allow them to always have in sight the capital they have invested in the company through the crowdfounding process, in the that investors expect to obtain economic benefits or profits.

What is KoreConX?

It is a Blockchain ecosystem with due insurance permission for fully feasible tokenized values ​​worldwide. The platform negotiates the entire life cycle of the Token with its value, which includes negotiation, issuance, management, liquidation, corporate actions, reports and custody. In addition, it offers a unique environment, in order to connect companies, investors and stockbrokers. According to reports, the associate gives the guarantee that the CEOs cover all the steps of the process, so that the business grows.

In this way, the KoreConX platform offers businesses the tools to fully comply with a capital increase and communication with investors. We see then, that KoreConX is about making life easy for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to fundraising. In the previous article entitled Do you already know KoreConX and its relationship with Mercury Cash? The operation of this protocol and how it is being used by Mercury Cash is explained in more detail.

Everything is handled through a protocol called koretoken, which allows the processes to be optimal along with the transactions, thereby increasing their efficiency, without jeopardizing security or that could be minimized to unwanted levels. KoreConX is the first all-in-one platform for private companies that serves to register businesses, record capital market activity, fundraising and investment. It manages the investment portfolio, also manages the capital increase, manages relations with investors. Next, we mention some of the most important features of this protocol.

Investor Relations

Set the standard for transparency, compliance and trust of investors, effectively promote the collaboration and defense of investors, allowing access to vital business documentation, administrative controls and an interface full of investment options. efficiency without comparison. Maintain permanent communications with investors and potential potential investors directly, using the KoreConX investor relationship function. You can track shareholder engagement with the ability to download and confirm open messages. In short, the KoreConX IR function, kore plus, is an integrated voting tool, with which nominations are managed, increases productivity, maintains government, and creates a global voting network, all in a very secure function.

Capital market

With this function, you create easy navigation through regulatory and compliance steps. It is provided with this function to know the client, companies collect and manage the regulatory requirements of each investor, which includes identity verification, suitability, AML and investor verification. The AML is money laundering, it is an important global type requirement, which includes the verification of the identity of potential investors.

Transfer agent

The KoreConX transfer agent issues certificates of electronic shares, keeps accounting books and the table manager updated in real time. It also simplifies collective financing and reduces costs, that is, companies manage collective capitalization transactions, which are based on values on a single platform and thus take advantage of cost savings with RegCF crowdfunding. The transfer agent service is also a direct support to issuers and shareholders, providing a personalized experience with which investors know that an independent professional transfer agent manages their shares.

What is koreprotocol?

Koreprotocol is nothing more than KoreToken, that is, it is the way to refer to KoreConX security protocols, this protocol is what has allowed Kore to become the first all-in-one platform worldwide for capital markets private and this is one of the main reasons why Mercury Cash has chosen this company to make its strategic alliances in terms of security and offer guarantees to its customers.

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