We all want to achieve goals, and for this, it is a matter of proposing it and changing our belief system, deciding to change the way we think, change the approach we have of life, and if we manage to change these things, we are managing to change our interior, We change our beliefs, and this is vital, if we want to achieve great achievements in life.

In the previous article entitled 5 books that every entrepreneur should read, we mention the book by Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant within, which is recommended mainly for those people who want to embark on the business path and want to do it on the right path of the world of bussiness.

The author and his book

Known as Tony Robbins, he was born in North Hollywood, California, on February 29, 1960, dedicated to writing motivational books for achievement, personal development and self-help, as well as being a speaker and motivational speaker. He began his career with the learning of other motivational speakers, in addition to promoting the seminar of his personal tutor Jim Rohn, American businessman, author and motivational speaker, in addition, he is influenced by neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and also by strategic coaching.

Successful man, has appeared in important media, such as Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Vanity Fair, among others. In addition to radio programs, interviews and other media around the world. In 2007, Forbes magazine included him on the list of celebrities. It was placed in the top 50 bussines intellectuals in the wordl by the Accenture Institute for strategic change. With respect to Awaken the Giant within, his main idea is to let us know that we ourselves have control and management of our own lives, and if we want to trace our own destiny we must seek to release the internal potential that we carry.

Lessons from the book Awaken the Giant within

People who want to be successful in life generally know what to do, if we want to be successful in business, we must also know what needs to be done, and the truth is that despite knowing what few people should do achieves Now, if we want to improve our quality of life, the first thing we should do is worry about mastering certain areas that do not depend on whether or not we have money, will depend on the willingness we have to face them. Next, we mention the 7 lessons of the book focused on those areas.

Control emotions

If we are able to control and dominate our emotions, we will be able to change them, to that extent we will be changing the way we feel each emotion, and that will alter the way we act. Sometimes the impediment to act correctly is the emotional lack of control we have. If we master our emotions and consciously create the emotion we need, we will have control of our actions.

Check the physical state

Physical health is something really important as we learn to control our health, we can have much more energy, more resistance, more enthusiasm for any other area of our life. That is why by taking care of the physical state, we are adding to all the other areas of our life, not only to the physical one.

The relationships

They refer to personal and professional relationships, and that is when we are able to share our successes on a personal or professional level with other people, that allows us to amplify the rewards we can receive and likewise, it also generates a sense of contribution.

Money, finances

Finance is something important that we must master, it is the financial destiny, however, it cannot be considered as the destiny of life, it is important to know how to differentiate, one thing is the financial destiny, that is to say the amount of income or benefits that are generated annually, but should not be considered as a final goal, although if we must seek an abundance, because that can give us peace of mind, it allows us to think more clearly.

And when we have certain financial problems and it causes us stress, we are emotionally tense by the debts and that we can avoid if we seek to have a financial peace, therefore, this is an area that we must learn to master so that we can be calm and be able to take decisions in any area of our life.

Dominate time

It is another area over which we have to take control, because by its constant change we cannot stop it. Mastering time is about making the best possible use of it, to achieve our dreams in the time frame given to us. We do not know when we run out of time, so it is important to define goals, it is what is called focus and that is precisely what will give us results, and also, it will help us to have quality of life at the time we reach our goals.

The decisions

They are the path to power, if we want to direct our lives we must assume control of our daily decisions persistently, since our decisions are like the father of our actions that will lead us to results. A principle that has been interesting and motivating is that anyone can do what they want, as long as they make the firm decision and commit themselves to the result and start walking alongside it. Thus, to make a real decision is not only to think about it and desire it, but it means to rule out other possibilities and must focus on achieving the final result.

Mental domain

The mind of the human being always reacts in a rational way, avoiding pain and brings us closer to pleasure. The forces that give reason to our life are two, pain and pleasure. Pain is the result of the belief that the action will lead us to a future of suffering and this inevitably influences our actions, while pleasure is also the result of the belief that this action will lead us to a future of pleasure.

What do you think about this topic? Have you read the book waking up the inner giant?

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