Managing the time devoted to rest is an important factor when defining success in various areas of our lives. Successful entrepreneurs usually know how to manage their energies, do daily routines according to their priorities and start the day with morning activities (such as reading, exercising and meditating, etc.) as they know that these good habits will help them cope with the day with more determination and above all … be more productive. For the successful entrepreneur, the moment of resting is very important (and should not be postponed for any reason), since it is the most effective way to recover the lost energy in the different activities carried out during the day.

Tips before going to sleep

When going to sleep, it is best to disconnect from the outside world, for example, we can avoid watching television (on all news) get rid of the cell phone, turn off our computer (or tablet) and especially disconnect from the Internet. We can also do previous activities that “relax” us, such as taking a warm shower, reading and listening to some relaxing music.

Schedule our rest times during the day

In addition to sleeping a certain amount of hours each night (which are usually between 7 to 8 hours depending on each person), it is important to take certain “breaks” during the day, for example, after lunch we can spend about 30 minutes to take a nap or take a walk (trying not to see or talk about things related to our work).

Another important tip is that during our working hours we program “short breaks”, for example, there is the “pomodoro” technique which consists of programming with an alarm 25 minutes of work and then programming (with the same alarm) 5 minutes of rest, this is a technique that will significantly increase our productivity and focus.

Benefits of rest

Among the main benefits that rest produces are: the reduction or management of stress, improvements in labor / social / emotional relationships, having good health, having a good digestion, improving learning processes, increasing productivity and creativity.

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