One of the most important things we must learn to do when we undertake a project, be it a business, a life plan or a curriculum, is to make decisions being aware of what we really want to achieve, for this it is very important that we can control our thoughts very well because they will help us identify what is most convenient with respect to the path we choose.

In the case of entrepreneurs, many things depend on creating good habits, such as those we have seen before going to sleep or in the morning when they wake up. Although sometimes, although it seems very simple, it is not easy to dominate the mind and control our thoughts, for that reason it is good that we know what those things are that we should NOT think if we are really looking for success.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself

One of the qualities that people who have really achieved their goals have is that they have not seen themselves as victims of circumstances, destiny or life. This does not mean that these people do not suffer or that nothing bad happens to them, what happens is that everything is in the attitude with which we are able to face things, because if for some reason a business does not occur or we have any There are two options for financial loss: stay to regret it or evaluate what caused it and keep moving forward. People who want to achieve success keep moving forward.

We must not resist change

Change can be considered as the only constant in life, absolutely everything changes, since we are born we are in constant processes of physical changes because everything is in constant motion. The decision we must make is to seek that the changes are always for the better and if, for some reason, the change becomes negative, the idea is that we can learn the lesson and find a way for that change to become something much better.

It is normal to feel afraid to abandon the routines to which we are accustomed, we have the right to feel it, the only thing that is obligatory is the pain regarding the changes that affect us, but what we can decide is not to suffer for those things and not stay regret it Leaving the routines to which we are accustomed and what others call “the comfort zone” can lead us to discover potentials and talents that we did not know we had and we should see it as the possibility of finding the best of ourselves.

Don’t waste time on things that can’t be changed

We must be aware that, as much as we want, we cannot control everything. There are circumstances, people and situations that simply cannot be changed and trying to do so is wasting valuable time that could be taken advantage of or trying to adapt or looking for a different option that allows us to feel better. A very basic example may be that we go out for a family walk to the beach and on the way it starts to rain, can we stop the rain? No. What we can do is change the route and go for a walk to a roofed place where we do not get wet, so instead of wasting time lamenting because it is raining we can think of alternatives of roofed places to which we can have fun.

Don’t worry about pleasing others

Being constantly doing things just thinking about what others are going to say makes us slaves of other people. We must have determination and confidence in what we decide and what we do and, if we are sure of being right and we are not hurting anyone with the decisions we make then it matters little or nothing what other people have to say about it.

This does not mean that we cannot listen to the advice and opinions of others, but we must also know how to choose who these people are, and finally, from their advice, take those things that seem good to us and those that do not, discard them because in Ultimately, it is only we who must have the reins of our lives and be happy with ourselves is much more important than pleasing other people that sometimes we do not even know.

They are not afraid to take risks

This goes hand in hand with change situations. Successful people are not afraid to take risks because before they have calculated them very well, that is, they do not take risks without knowing what the possible consequences would be and therefore without a plan with which they could face them, that is, a successful person does not He is afraid to jump into the water, but first he has noticed if there really is water in the place where it is going to be launched because if he did not know it would be an absolute failure.

What do you think about this topic? Do you do any of these things?

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