When it comes to target audience or target market, and we are in the field of small and medium enterprises. These terms refer to the group of ideal and potential consumers for a given service, good or product. It could probably appear written in a similar concept, referring to the target group.

In general terms, its definitive concept is the specific segment of the demand to which a particular product or service is directed. We could also define the target audience, as the group of people who want or demand what our business or brand is able to offer at a certain time, and for that reason, they are likely to be consumers of our products or hire Our professional services.

What other denominations do you receive?

In the world of Anglo-Saxon marketing it is called Target, Target Group and also Target Market, although there may be some very specific differences or qualities between each of them. Currently, knowing this market segmentation or learning to identify, in a correct way our potential clients or consumers, is essentially fundamental and important, in order to be able to design the correct commercial or marketing strategies, for each particular case.

Is it important to know our target audience?

Obviously, yes, any brand needs to know who their products are aimed at or what their final audience or target is, because that means having the security of the success of their efforts, and that they will surely knock on their doors, in other words, if you are not sure where you are going, or you are not clear about your target or target audience, in the end it will be, as if I had never spoken to anyone.

So, before proceeding to spread our message on social networks, it is good to be clear who it is, where it is and how is our ideal client. Therefore, this segmentation of the audience, will help to design in a decisive way, the digital marketing strategy that must have an attractive, clear, effective and convincing message, for the simple reason, and that is that we must be clear about what we are going to say, to whom and where to say it.

Advantages of defining the target audience

Having a great understanding of what your audience will be, is one of the great advantages, since, without it, it is not convenient to embark on the creation of a marketing strategy or to plan a campaign that can really be effective and achieve the greatest Number of conversions you want. That is why the main thing is to take some time to define well who is that client to whom we want to direct our efforts.

Having the public defined avoids groping

It is of the utmost importance to have all the necessary information about demography and other data, which help to focus the marketing strategy much better. It is vital to know about the tastes, challenges, needs, preferences or other details of the target audience, which allows you to approach it. Having little information about your target audience is like groping and worthless.

You can focus your efforts

Understood and what are the benefits for our customer about our product or service, it is possible to get them to adapt perfectly to them, and therefore, you invest only in those tasks that allow you to develop what you really want and not in tasks that generate products that are samples or tests of tests that, in the end, are not specifically what you wanted to develop.

Design products or services that are safe to sell

If we are already clear about the needs, tastes and preferences of our potential customers, then it will be easier to clearly define the market strategy that will be used for the product or service that will be offered, with the security it gives, By knowing in advance who are the customers we want to buy.

Get Premium Prices

If we manage to get the main motivator of our client, and also, we know how to give them what they want most, this will allow us to sell at higher prices than those of the competition, since we will find ourselves in another market, in the market without competition that is the market Exactly of the preferences of our public and what makes them feel unique and special, and they feel that our product was designed exclusively for them.

Get customers to come to our business

Having clarity about who our ideal client is, and knowing their problems, it is easier to know, what points to touch to attract them to our business, our product or the service we are offering. We must remember that marketing is, in large part, being able to manage the emotions of customers in favor of our goal which is to sell our product or our services.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already defined the target audience of your business?

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