If you are already a Mercury Cash customer and created your account, you have surely passed through these requirements: upload a clear photo of your face and the installation of the Google Authenticator application. If you do not have an account with Mercury Cash (and you want to create it), it is good that you know what are the reasons why we ask you these two requirements, in this article we will explain in a summary way why to fulfill these previous steps:

Why is it necessary to upload a photograph?

When we create an account in any traditional bank, they ask us for a series of documents to confirm our identity, the same happens in the case of Mercury Cash, in this case it is necessary to confirm the identity of a new user, the simplest way to do it is through a personal photograph that is added to our database (which is compared to the personal documents that are attached at the time of creating the account).

Why should I use Google Authenticator?

The Google Authenticator application is a second authentication factor that will allow us to have our digital wallet more protected. Currently, many companies that work with cryptocurrencies use this Google tool to generate an additional password access code used by users.

The great advantage that it represents for a user to have activated the “second Google authentication factor” is that it makes it more difficult for a third party to access it, since the access code that is generated (additional to the password) is going to appear on the user’s mobile device (without this code it is impossible to access the platform), this process makes it difficult for hackers (or unauthorized users) who wish to control our funds without authorization.

A fact that maybe you didn’t know about Google Authenticator

Although it is always recommended to use this application from a mobile device, it is important to note that it is not necessary to have a mobile phone to generate the double Google authentication factor, since there is also an extension that we can add to our Google Chrome browser. The operation of the extension is very similar to that of the mobile application, with the ease that we have it at our disposal in the browser and we can simply see or “copy and paste” the code that is generated to access our account.

What do you think about this topic? Are you already clear why we use these security measures?

If you want more information about the Mercury Cash application you can download it in the following link.

Image of VISNU_KV via Pixabay.com under a creative commons license.

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