Our day to day must conform to habits, which must be configured in a way that allows us to achieve success. This is precisely what we have mentioned in previous articles where we have talked about the things that successful entrepreneurs do when they get up, at the end of the day and also about the things that successful people don’t do. This time we will talk about some “accessible” daily habits that we can perform to be more productive.

The first is the time for oneself

It is about dedicating a space of time in the day for ourselves (they can be for example about 30 minutes), to carry out those activities that we really like and generate pleasure (for example, reading, meditating, drawing, painting, listening to music , play video games, make crafts, think, etc.) However this time is to spend “alone” (it is not time with other people since that would be timeshare). This habit, according to Isra García, will give us personal satisfaction, allowing us to be better with ourselves, with our work and with the people around us.

Do sport

Sport is an activity that is recommended to perform daily (not necessarily training as if we were going to a competition), for example, we can spend 15 to 30 minutes to walk, run in a park, go to the gym, play a sport collective, bike, pilates, etc. These activities will allow us to keep our body and mind healthy as well as improve our concentration and energy levels.

Books and / or audiobooks

When we organize our daily activities, we must also allocate some time to read a book, there is a study (by Kristina Blaine and Brandon Pye of Emory University) that mentions that reading can improve our brain and cognitive functions. This activity can be done at different times of our day, for example, it can be on public transport to work (if we use it), in the morning after breakfast, while we are in the bathroom, in a waiting room, before going to sleep, etc. There is also the possibility of listening to an “audiobook” which is a format that offers additional advantages such as being able to listen to it while doing other activities (exercises, cleaning the home, driving, walking our pet, etc.)

Log off

It is a time to concentrate on thoughts, isolated from the digital connection, from the world, doing nothing, just thinking, meditating, reflecting, a space alone with thoughts will help find solutions to problems.

Separate time for household chores

Although it seems strange, our parents have always been right when they taught us things like making the bed, washing clothes, washing the dish we eat, sweeping the floor, having everything in its place. Creating this habit at some time of the day will create a commitment to ourselves and our wellbeing because in order to be productive we have to work to improve our environment.

Write our daily activities

It is important that, to better organize our daily activities, we can take some time to write them. To the extent that we have everything in writing it will be easier to acquire a commitment to ourselves and we will also avoid distractions, as we will simply devote ourselves to complying with that list of activities that we have proposed.

What do you think about this topic? What are your daily habits?

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