One of the most important things to be able to increase our productivity (if we want to obtain better results in the things we do daily) is to classify, systematize and purify our activities based on the experiences lived and the results obtained, following our own work system ( which will help us improve our lifestyle). Next, we will mention some important aspects mentioned by Isra García in her book “Ultraproductivity” that explain why it is important to create systems for the activities we carry out daily and how they can help us improve our productivity.

It allows us to work within a structure

Everything in life is a system, let’s understand a system as a set of steps or sequence that allows us to always reach a desired result. Whenever we do things “within” that system we will obtain the same results (or at least very similar) and this will also allow us to create a work discipline, optimize time and improve our performance.

It helps us eliminate headaches

It is not that it is a kind of medicine, but, having everything organized and structured, we do not have to be thinking about what to do now or how to do it. Hand in hand with the issue of the systems we talked about in the previous point, a well-defined structure gives us the possibility of using the time we would use trying to think of “what to do now” to use it in things like learning something new, Design a project or just rest and dedicate time to ourselves.

People who establish their own systems create changes

If we take a look at the history, we will realize that this refers to the people who left the systems of their time (which were imposed by the society of that time) and dared to create their own (from that way they generated great changes in the world). If we dare to organize our life and activities based on our own dreams and goals, we will not only be more productive for ourselves, but we can also positively influence the lives of others by inspiring them to be better.

It allows us to set margins

Many times when we do not have our activities well planned, anything that happens in the day could be a distraction that prevents us from finishing the tasks that we have proposed and, at the end of the day, we will see that perhaps we had in mind to do four or five things but at In the end we ended up doing only one or two, since we got distracted by “external elements” that did not correspond to the work and that were not important, but that robbed us a lot of time.

If it is not written, it does not exist

Some people have this phrase as a motto of life and already in the previous article on accessible habits to improve productivity, we talked about how important it is to make a list of the tasks that we have pending in the day to be able to fulfill them. If we want to go one step further we can not only write the tasks but also assign them times and schedules, and then do our best to accomplish them, this will help us to do more things in less time and also have more free time to rest, play sports or share with family.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have a system for the activities you do every day?

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