Bitcoin every day that passes, takes hold as one of the main cryptocurrencies worldwide, since in addition to being a currency it is also a means of payment. However, despite its great popularity, there are still people who wonder how this cryptocurrency is used to make purchases.

How to use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is already accepted as currency and means of payment in many countries, there are currently several businesses where you can buy products, goods and services using Bitcoin as a payment instrument. Depending on the country in which it is used, there will be more or less possibilities (and alternatives) for the purchase of some items. As an example, there will be some places where we cannot “pay for dinner” or make purchases for the week, since they do not accept Bitcoin as currency (especially if the local government has restrictions on its use), if On the contrary, if the government or local regulators have established slightly more flexible rules, the possibility of finding those places is greater.

Where can Bitcoin be used as a means of payment?

There are currently some companies that allow cryptocurrencies to be paid on their same official web portals, for example there are online platforms such as Steam or G2A, which have become famous in the videogame industry, and that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, There is also the case of Microsoft (at the moment it is not a direct payment option, but within the platform in “billing and payment options”, it can be exchanged for Bitcoin), there are also travel agencies ( and Expedia ) and supermarket chains (among other items) that also accept Bitcoin as a payment mechanism, however, the item that has more demand today is made up of professional services (professionals who provide their services to other people / companies and that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment).

What do I need to receive payments with Bitcoin?

If we have a company or offer a service, we can also accept payments in Bitcoin or in any cryptocurrency, however, in order to do so we must have at least one wallet that gives us a Bitcoin address that we can share with our customers, this will allow us It will allow not only to be more updated in terms of the means of payment we use but we can also confirm the transactions, since this is one of the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

Payment alternatives today

The alternatives currently used by cryptocurrency users is to use Payment Processing Startups, this group includes Mercury Cash, which has the Mercury Gate service which allows any local business or business to receive cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash ) and thus process your digital payments quickly and safely.

These are just some alternatives on how to make purchases of goods and services using Bitcoin (BTC), which shows that adopting cryptocurrency as a means of commercial transaction, can offer many advantages, however, there is still a long way to go in this world of cryptocurrencies, but increasing its acceptance globally is a good sign in the future.

What do you think about this topic? Do you use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as a means of payment?

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