11 years have passed since January 3, 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto decided to launch the Bitcoin network, which would soon become the most positioned, traded and popular virtual currency in this area. Since that date, it remains very active, being one of the most used cryptocurrencies globally.

Satoshi Nakamoto, by way of evidence of this special event, and so that it “remains as evidence“, inserted in the English newspaper The Times, the following headline with this phrase: EThe Times 03 / Jan / 2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for Banks, there added the name of the newspaper, date of publication and with its headline “Chancellor on the edge of the second for banks.” With this phrase he immortalized the sample of the motivations that led Satoshi to the creation of Bitcoin, which has been running almost 100% all this time (only stopping very briefly, twice in his short life), which allows any user You can move the funds you have anywhere in the world and at the time you deem appropriate, without having to ask for authorization to do those transactions (as required by banks).

A coin with power

The year 2008 is considered key to world history with regard to cryptocurrencies, since as of that date (and following the 2008 crisis) some bad financial decisions of the banks and the government (due to the effects negatives generated by the economic crisis), which led to a generalized global rejection. This was due to the mismanagement of the power that was given to the State and to the banking system, which caused a worldwide crisis, which caused the bankruptcy of large companies, job losses and increased poverty.

Faced with this situation, Satoshi decides to get moving, and designs the new type of currency, based on Blockchain technology, so that its control and manipulation by a single actor would be impossible. This is how Bitcoin was born, as a strong currency (with little chance of falsifying or hacking), private, anti-inflationary, transparent and if that were not enough … totally virtual. Thus, with this currency, Nakamoto, pretends not to repeat the economic crisis of 2008, returning in a practical way (thanks to the decentralized operation of Bitcoin) and giving “power” over the economy to the citizen. With the appearance of Bitcoin, a series of events were generated in these 11 years that are considered of great relevance to the world economy. Two of the most important are mentioned below:

Blockchain technology is spread

This technology has a long time of existence, but it is through Bitcoin that the world realizes the innumerable possibilities that this technology brings and began to pay more attention to blockchain. And it is that this technology opens great opportunities for all sectors of society: education, health, agriculture, finance and industry in general.

World Financial Opening

With the advent of the Internet, the financial world was revolutionized, the ability to make transactions in international markets (almost immediately) was expanded, saving time and money to people, investors and stock traders in the world, giving the possibility of expanding capital and driving the economy. However, this has not been total, as there are still many people in the world who do not yet have Internet service or who are not integrated into the world of finance or who simply live in countries where the government has strong control. Monetary and banking.

With the arrival of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it has tried to find the solution to this problem and that is that thanks to the nature of this cryptoactive, any user who has access to the Internet can use it, being able to send money to and from any part of the world , without having the obligation to go through traditional state or banking controls, thus expanding the world financial market and allowing the “potential inclusion” of millions of people.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know that Bitcoin is already 11 years old?

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Image by André François McKenzie via Unsplash.com under a creative commons license.

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