We are pleased to announce that Euro (EUR) is available in Mercury Cash from January 14, 2020 at 08:00 am (EST TIME)

What is the Euro (EUR)?

Euro (EUR) is the official currency of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union, this group of states is also known as the EUROZONE with a population of 343 million citizens.

The Euro is currently the second reserve currency and the second most exchanged currency in the world after the US Dollar. The estimated circulation of the Euro is € 1.2 Trillion

What deposit-withdrawal methods in Euro (EUR) does Mercury Cash have?

Mercury Cash has 2 Banking partnerships in the European Union, which are; Bilderlings based in the United Kingdom and WireWallet in Lithuania, the methods will be available in their sessions according to their account types and limits.

These banking agreements will allow the expansion of the mission and vision of Mercury Cash to be able to bring financial freedom to move your money.

To see the deposit and withdrawal fees please visit the fees section.

What are Euro SEPA Payments?

SEPA means in English “Single Euro Payments Area” what it would be in Spanish “Single Zone of Payments in Euros” is a simplified integration of bank transfers in the European Union and other non-member countries that are connected to SEPA (36 countries have this payment system), it is very important that before starting operations make sure that your bank is connected to the SEPA network.

Does Mercury Cash receive Euro Payments through the Euro SWIFT Network?

No, our bank allies are not compatible with SWIFT payments.

Can I make transfers between Euro (EUR) wallets from Mercury Cash?

Yes, using the email of the other user you can make transfers between wallets and this has a cost of 1%. fees section.

If you want more information about our products or services you can contact us or write your question at the bottom (comments section).

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