Developing our concentration is essential to have a better productivity and focus (which will allow us to reach our goals and objectives), then we will share 3 “practical” tips to improve our concentration:

Look towards a fixed point for a few minutes

This advice is that every day we spend 5 to 10 minutes looking at a fixed point (for example a point on the wall or a specific objective) without thinking about anything, we can start with a minute and gradually increase the time, in If we “think of something”, we simply start the exercise again until our goal of the day is completed (for example, it may be “1 minute” for the first few days and after a few weeks reach “10 minutes”).

Write what we dreamed last night

When we wake up we can spend 10 to 15 minutes writing in a notebook (or agenda) what we dreamed last night, although at the beginning this process may seem complicated (since there are people who simply do not remember anything they dreamed of the night previous) the important thing is to write what little we remember (even if it is something insignificant), as the days go by little by little we will remember more things than we dreamed the night before, this process “refines” our concentration and allows us to better develop our memory to long term.

Have an offline day a week

It is recommended to have one day a week totally “disconnected” from the Internet and electronic equipment (especially mobile devices), during that day (in addition to relaxing), we can use 1 hour to “think” exclusively to solve problems, analyze different situations, Grow our business or plan our week. This is one of the most important activities that every entrepreneur should carry out since they allow us to project ourselves in the future and have a better perspective on things.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know any other tips to improve concentration?

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