Mercury Cash is a financial institution that offers solutions in digital payments, currently has more than 14 thousand customers around the world. This digital platform, realizes payments, transfers and exchange of currencies in real time of cryptocurrencies and FIAT money in an intuitive and safe way.

Mercury Cash has a highly qualified and experienced team, which guarantees that its products and services are first line. Below we share the main team members of Mercury Cash operations:

Víctor Romero (Founder & CEO)

Born in San Cristóbal, Táchira State, Venezuela. He studied at the military aviation school of the Venezuelan Air Force, in Maracay State Aragua, Venezuela. He graduated as an officer specialized in aviation intelligence in 2008, obtaining the highest score of his group.

After a year as a pilot, he resigns to devote himself to business activity, becoming, in a short time, a successful entrepreneur with an upward career in the world of technology companies, creating financial technologies and blockchain (Fintech and Blockchain). In 2011 he holds a master’s degree in public management sciences at the National Experimental University of Táchira (UNET). At 23, he founded Editorial VH and writes his first book entitled “Do not wait any longer, do it now!” Becoming a success in the world of microeconomics.

Due to his Startups, his experience in the area of ​​business, he becomes a renowned figure, being requested by his ideas, in magazines and other media. He goes to the United States, working as an agent of annuities and variable contracts in the TransAmerica corporation, becomes a member of the global financial group. After graduating, he creates Adventorous Entertainment LLC, beginning the development of several Startups, including Mercury Cash, as the most important.

Giordano Lugo (Creative Director)

Born in San Cristóbal, Táchira State, Venezuela. He received an Advanced Systems Technician degree in 2005 from the University Institute of Technology, then studied graphic design at the Antonio José de Sucre University. He works as a graphic designer for VH Corporation as Creative Director, here they bring to life the character Jaimito, a cartoon known in Latin America. Since 2016 he has been the Creative Director of Mercury Cash.

Marco Pirrongelli (CTO)

Systems Engineer graduated from Andrés Bello Catholic University. In 2012, he worked at Cisco, a company that ranks third in sales in Latin America for small businesses. More than 15 years of experience in the service industry, in design solutions, in development, in installation, implementation, maintenance and network support in Microsoft Active Directory environments, wimax point-to-point connections, Linux and Windows Server environments , IT administration, and other specializations.

SAŠA JOKIĆ (Lead Research)

Born in Yugoslavia, he moves to the United States, specifically to Orlando, Florida. It is one of the first licensed cryptocurrency brokers in Florida. He is passionate about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he keeps up to date in the area of finance and other related areas. His favorite phrase is “do what you feel like doing, it’s always an option.”

Carlos Arias (Executive Assistant)

He was born in Dairy State Anzoátegui, Venezuela. He began his career in the Venezuelan army, graduating with the highest academic score of his promotion in the Venezuelan Air Force, which he resigned a short time later. The World Philosophical Forum appoints him Coordinator of the educational program for the citizens of the world, a position he still holds. He has written two books, three philosophical theories, an educational methodology, in addition to several articles, he also participated in two international events, the Annual Symposium of the World Philosophical Forum in Athens and also in the National Philosophical Congress of Lima.

As Director of the Dremore Corporation, he simultaneously directed the teams of Mexico, Venezuela and Ireland on important projects. He speaks English and German and has a master’s degree in higher education sciences. He joins the Mercury Cash team as a full-time Executive Assistant giving a better perspective to this growing institution.

Lorenzo Delzoppo (Compliance Officer)

New York lawyer with more than twenty years of experience in substantial regulatory compliance, also in risk management and in the legal area. I have started as a Compliance Officer at AML / BSA in Girosol, a money services business that operates in more than 35 US states. and also in 42 countries. He was then Compliance Supervisor for Money Express Financial, an American financial institution with offices in Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Lorenzo speaks five languages. In 2016, I moved to the consulting business advising law firms, financial institutions, and Blockchain businesses in regulatory compliance.

Santiago Merlos (Chief Architect Officer)

Technology professional with 15 years of experience. Specialist in Microsoft technology and in planning and management of technological projects. He has extensive experience in planning, implementation, management and resolution of incidents in Active Directory Domain Services. He also has experience in computer security, networks, service management and vitualization of services.

Mary Meléndez (Accountant)

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Since she was a child she moved to San Cristóbal State Táchira, Venezuela, where she studies Human Resources Administration at the Jesús Enrique Lozada University. Then he completes his certification as a Public Accountant at the National Open University in Venezuela. He served as Human Resources Manager at the Editorial Futuro. He has completed continuing education courses for professional improvement in the areas of accounting, public administration, planning, computer science, among others. His experience as an accountant includes a combination of knowledge and experience in project planning, accounting and corporate and financial budgeting.

Rainiero Montilva (Executive Assistant)

He was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He began his career in the Venezuelan Air Force where he graduated with the highest average of his promotion. He subsequently conducted intensive training as a pilot in Venezuela and Ecuador and then was a pilot in the second most important air transport company in Venezuela. He subsequently started his own air services company. Thanks to his extensive experience in the business world, he was called to join the Mecury Cash team where he became co-author of the business continuity program.

The main team responsible for the company’s operations can be found at the following link.

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