Estonia is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea in northern Europe, became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since 2004 it is part of the European Union (EU). At present it is considered as the society where technology occupies a preponderant place, since almost the whole country is digitized, being one of the few countries in the world to achieve this goal.

Pioneer in digital life

Estonia is the first country in the world with more Startups per inhabitant, this has made it a world reference in foreign investment, technological development and the digitalization of the national public administration. In this country, all the necessary procedures can be carried out with great comfort in a digital way, with the exception of three important things: getting married, divorcing and selling a property (where the physical presence of the person is required) for the other procedures just enough have the electronic ID and can be done online.

Estonia is a pioneer in the creation of the electronic ID worldwide, this ID is very useful, since it allows different procedures such as: voting from anywhere in the world, requesting a medical appointment or paying taxes, which generates great benefits, both economic and social, which has had a positive impact on the public administration of this country.

It is important to note that Internet access in Estonia is guaranteed as a right in its own constitution. Estonia is currently at the forefront of Europe in Internet penetration and mobile telephony. The information and communication technology sector has great relevance in the country’s GDP today.

Virtual citizenship

Virtual citizenship is that anyone in the world, regardless of where they are, can apply for a residence permit and become a virtual citizen of Estonia. This citizenship allows, among other things, to create a business in that country without the need for paperwork or notaries, to make transfers, among other things, as long as they comply with a series of regulations in the country.

Online residents can create a company in the European Union, manage their business online from anywhere, open a business bank account, apply for a credit card, access electronic banking in a secure and reliable way, digital signature or transmission of documents and file taxes online. Those who register as online residents (e-residents) receive a digital card with two numbers (PIN) that become their digital identification and digital signatures. Because of all the above, Estonia is known as the “Silicon Valley” of Europe.

What is Silicon Valley?

It is a region of the South zone of the San Francisco Bay, in Northern California in the United States. Its name comes from the Santa Clara Valley, south of the San Francisco Peninsula. The term “Silicon Valley” is due to journalist Don Hoefler in 1971, who gave it that name due to the high number of Silicon chip manufacturers that existed there, but it was definitely due to the high concentration of technology-related companies They settled there. Silicon Valley, has in its territory many of the world’s largest technology corporations, in addition to thousands of small businesses in formation: Startups. Currently, this area receives a third of the entire venture capital investment of the United States.

Among the large companies that are based in Silicon Valley, we have: Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard (HP), Intel, Cisco, among many others. It also has technological institutions such as Stanford University in Palo Alto, also has the Museum of the History of Computing and the NASA Ames Research Center located in Mountain View. There is also the Technological Museum of Innovation in San José.

In the case of Estonia, this is called the “Silicon Valley” of Europe due to all the facilities it offers for individuals, businesses, companies, startups and investors globally.

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