Ethereum is an open source, decentralized platform that allows the creation of smart contracts (based on blockchain technology). Ethereum (ETH) is also a programming language, a protocol and a currency called Ether, which was created for the purpose of financing this project.

Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum and has used this technology in order to decentralize some computer applications and programs, so that they can be accessible to any citizen. At present it is estimated that there are about 88 million Ethers and its creation is limited to 18 million per year.

Is it good or bad that there are currently about 88 million Ethers?

Ethereum’s relationship with its users is not based solely on the amount of “Ethers” that exist, but on the confidence they have to make financial transactions with this cryptocurrency. That is why the existence of this quantity of Ethers cannot be classified as “good” or “bad”.

However, to the extent that there are more Ethers there will be more possibility for users to make transactions with them, from this perspective we would be talking about a higher volume of operations that generate greater confidence and give more stability to the cryptocurrency.

Can Ethers be created unlimitedly?

Ethereum does not have a specific number of Ethers to be created. The possibilities of having a supply of these digital assets are almost endless, this is due to the Touring algorithm on which the Ethereum platform is based and that offers unlimited possibilities to users, although in some circumstances this may mean some security complications.

Some features of Ethereum

Unlike Bitcoin, there is no fixed number of Ether coins. There are currently five companies that have 85% control of the production of this cryptocurrency. Another important feature is decentralization, since there are no banks to control it. “Anonymity” is another important characteristic, because the addresses to “send or receive” are random number series.

Where can you buy Ethereum?

Ethers as cryptocurrency tokens, can be purchased through Mercury Cash, if you do not have an account you can open it in this link, where you can easily and quickly create an Ethereum wallet, and start buying, receiving or sending Ethers .

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