When we decide to become entrepreneurs we must be very clear that we will be in constant “decision making” which will affect the development of our business. For the best decisions, we must have the “best critical thinking” to resolve any possible contingency in our company. When we focus on a problem, our thinking is directed to certain preferences (such as our point of view and assumptions of the given situation), such preferences may not allow us to “make the right decision”.

Importance of “right” decisions in the business

Decision making is a process that is carried out in several ways and will depend on the size of the business and its organization. The decisions are always in accordance with the objectives set. Depending on what those objectives are, those responsible will establish the strategies and implement the techniques according to their experience, knowledge and necessary tools. However, it is always good to hear and accept advice “the time has come” for decision making.

The right decisions are the ones that will largely define the success or failure of the business (although it sounds somewhat tragic), that is the reality and understanding this is how we will be able to face the challenges throughout life, whether personal or professional Here are some useful tips that will help us make the best decisions:

Ask successful people

If we have any doubts, we can ask other people, who can help us in the search for solutions for our business, it is important to emphasize that it should not necessarily be people we know, only that they have knowledge and willingness to help us. In this way, we can form a great team that will facilitate our business work in the next decision making.

Not be a perfectionist

Many people tend to postpone decisions seeking “perfection,” it is recommended to “put aside” the desire to be a perfectionist in everything we do, even in decision making. Having this behavior could delay or postpone an important business or project for an unnecessary time. Remember that what may be good for us, will not necessarily be for other people, and the only thing that will do this behavior is to “delay” making an important decision. As the Facebook CEO says “done is better than perfect”.

Not think so much

It is recommended not to “turn around” ideas (do not think so much about the same), since this often generates an unnecessary waste of time, it is better to take the initiative and move forward (always evaluating the pros and cons). It is recommended that we allocate one hour a week to “think” and solve problems (and the rest of the days do not think about such problems or situations), in this way we will better optimize time and have a more productive and focused thinking process in looking for solutions (instead of worrying and not solving anything).

Admit mistakes

No entrepreneur is perfect and is not exempt from making mistakes. Admitting when a mistake is made is a sign of intelligence and humility, since that will help us grow. Humans make mistakes, but in the end, what matters is to correct them and keep moving forward, always taking into account what they have learned.

Trust our intuition

It is very important to trust our intuition since it allows us to “detect” things that our “conscious” mind overlooks. Learning to use our intuition requires practice since it occurs only for a few thousandths of a second before the mental machine begins to work and begins the entire logical process to which we are accustomed. Using our intuition is a great tool to make correct decisions for our business or company.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any other advice to make decisions?

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