Dash is characterized by having low fees, high processing speed in its transactions and its privacy or anonymity system. Likewise, it is considered that Dash is decentralized, this means that the network that carries out the transactions is composed of many computers independently (distributed worldwide), which allows that no user, government or company can “deactivate or control” the network. When Dash was created, in 2014, it was based on the Bitcoin base code, but with some variants that allow it to have the aforementioned characteristics.

Dash Speed

The average speed with which a transaction is carried out in Dash is about 2.5 minutes to be included in the Blockchain, however, before that time, there is already a good amount of previous confirmations. With Dash you can make payments instantly and privately, online and in physical stores. It is a cryptocurrency of the “peer to peer” mode, with open source, which offers similar characteristics to those of Bitcoin, but with some more advanced functions, such as instant transactions (InstanSend) and private transactions (PrivateSend), which have their Basis in the management of Masternodes.


Dash transactions can be made in less than a second, resulting in payment for the user of 3 cents for the service. This is precisely one of the most outstanding features of Dash that manages to exceed the processing speed of the transactions of other cryptocurrencies present in the market.

Privacy and anonymity system

Both Bitcoin and Dash guarantee anonymity (they are not required to reveal any personal information of the user), but the big difference is that the strength of the Dash Blockchain coding does not allow the tracking of their transactions, which guarantees their anonymity.


This function allows you to hide the details of an operation in addition to the information about who issues and who receives a payment. This is due to the fact that this function makes a “mix” of the transactions, which makes tracking difficult. This function provides a “real” financial privacy, when reserving the origin and destination of the funds.

Dash in a wallet are made up of “several tickets” that can be seen as “separate currencies” and discrete. PrivateSend makes use of an innovative system to mix those tickets (with entries from at least two users in a single transaction), so the value in Dash never leaves the wallet and money control is maintained at all times.

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