Mercury Cash offers solutions for digital payments, hosted wallet, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, among others. It currently has more than 14,000 clients around the world. Its platform allows to make payments and transfers in addition to currency exchanges instantly or in real time (cryptocurrencies, dollars and euros) intuitively. Its application is available on iOS and Android in order to provide greater comfort to its customers.

“Military grade” security

Mercury Cash cares about protecting the assets of its users and insuring their assets. One of the main ways to do this is by studying daily the possible threats that exist in the network to protect the accounts of its users. For this Mercury Cash has the following security tools and procedures:

High precision facial recognition system

As we saw in our previous article, one of the reasons why Mercury Cash asks for a photo to open an account, is because it has a “facial recognition” system that ensures that the user is a “real person” and verify their Identity documents presented, all this guarantees that the user who created the account is the only one who has access to it.

Anti-hacking engines based on artificial intelligence (AI)

This type of engine guarantees that hackers or hackers cannot access users’ accounts, guaranteeing that their funds are always safe and secure. These types of engines are designed to improve “intelligence” against threats. Without AI, a human analyst studying “malicious elements” often traces their origins and identifies similar instances (for example, domains registered by the same person, at the same time and with the same pattern).

By using AI technologies to emulate (and automate) the intuition of a human analyst, these algorithms allow you to analyze millions of known indicators and search for similar ones. As a result, more “intelligence” can be produced from threats that help prevent attacks “before” they first occur.

Cryptographic protocols

Among the different types of security that Mercury Cash has is the encryption of our clients’ information (through the use of cryptographic protocols), which offers protection against any type of attack or failure that may occur, in addition to guaranteeing the confidentiality of such information.

Protection against brute force attacks

A brute force attack is a way of violating a password by trying “all possible combinations” until finding the one that allows access to the system. There are different measures to counter these actions (from the simplest such as limiting the number of login attempts, demanding strong passwords or more complex systems). These types of attacks are frequent in exchanges and wallets, we have already talked about them as one of the most common crimes associated with cryptocurrencies. Mercury Cash knows these types of threats and has systems in place to deal with them and prevent them from occurring.

24/7 monitoring by cybersecurity specialists

Previously we introduced the Mercury Cash management team so that they knew the professional profile of the people who are in charge of the company in which they are not only depositing their capital but also their trust. In the same way that we have this important team of professionals, we also have professionals in various areas (mainly computer security) who are constantly 24/7 that the user’s digital assets are protected and safeguarded.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know about this Mercury Cash security system?

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Image by Zachary Lisko via under creative commons license.

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