The Hispanic market, as far as cryptocurrency and Fintech companies are concerned, is not sufficiently attended since most companies that offer these solutions generally do so exclusively in the English language.

One of the things that Mercury Cash users had requested the most was for the platform to offer the possibility of carrying out operations and transactions in Spanish. Due to this need, Mercury Cash has updated its platform so that all its functions are 100% in both languages (Spanish and English).

Support with agents in Spanish language

In addition to the English language, Mercury Cash has exclusive channels of support and customer service in Spanish, which aim to provide personalized and close treatment to Spanish-speaking users (who do not have knowledge of the English language).

For Spanish-speaking users

In addition to receiving support in Spanish, now with the new update to the Mercury Cash platform, users can also create their accounts and fill in the required information in Spanish. These improvements make the platform more accessible and intuitive for users of speaks spanish.

Why did we decide to open our platform in Spanish language?

It is important to note that the native language of all the founders of Mercury Cash is the Spanish language and that the company’s operations are largely directed at the Spanish-speaking market, which is why many users have been asking through the networks social (and our different communication channels) the possibility of accessing their accounts in Spanish.

What Mercury Cash services do I find available in Spanish?

When launching the new version of Mercury Cash, we put all our services in Spanish, which range from the opening of accounts, its official Mercury Cash application, user support, download of account statements, inquiries from any device, social networks (which for a year have been managed in both English and Spanish) in addition to providing any information that may be useful to our users.

If I have my account in English, can I also see it in Spanish?

Users who already have an account with Mercury Cash and want to see their information in Spanish can do it perfectly, now they have the possibility to view their account in the language of their choice. The platform continues to maintain its English version for those who prefer to continue viewing their data and information in that language.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already used the Mercury Cash platform in Spanish?

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