Mercury Cash offers digital payment solutions, hosted wallets and also you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Among other functions, the platform allows fiat payments/transfers and real-time currency exchanges (cryptocurrencies, dollars, and euros) in a safe and intuitive way.  Here we will explain why Mercury Cash is currently considered to be the best software for cryptocurrency banking in the Hispanic market: 

Team of highly qualified professionals

To carry out financial plans for expansion, growth, and survival in the sector, Mercury Cash has a team of qualified professionals who have diverse knowledge and experience in the area which guarantees that the operation of their products and services is first in line.

Various functions 

Providing digital wallets that allow clients to make transfers, manage and store currencies, are one of the main functions of Mercury Cash. You can also exchange fiat to digital currency in seconds. For example, USD to Bitcoin, Euro to Bitcoin or vice versa. We currently have in the platform USD and Euro wallet, also we list cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. 

Military-grade security

We are exposed every day to different kinds of threats. So it’s our mission and obligation to permanently study, investigate, adopt and adapt to the latest generation of security measures. To safeguard the assets of its users, Mercury Cash uses, the following security tools and procedures: Anti-hacking engines based on artificial intelligence (AI), Facial recognition system, highest cybersecurity standards worldwide and military level cryptographic protocols.

Personal and business accounts

Giving the opportunity to approach all types of uses and necessities in the market. Mercury Cash allows you to create personal and business accounts in an easy and simple way. Currently, we have more than 14,000 satisfied users, handling fiat money and cryptocurrencies instantly, fast and in a secure way.   

Customer support in Spanish

It is important to note that in addition to the English language, all Mercury Cash services are available in Spanish. We have a great commitment to Spanish-speaking users (the native language of most of the founders of Mercury Cash ), providing exclusive channels of support and customer service in Spanish

All functions and operations such as opening accounts,  the official Mercury Cash application for Android and iOS, user support, downloading account statements, social networks, among others are also in Spanish. 

Aspirations and approach

Mercury Cash plans to create a technological economic system that allows the necessary elements of the economy to be managed. To guarantee this, we enable the 5 elements of the economy to be able to operate in the financial ecosystem transitioning from old to new technology.

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Image by Geralt via under creative commons license.

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