Mercury Cash is a regulated financial institution in the United States and Europe whose innovation offers a variety of services (hosted wallet, purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies, among others). We have already discussed the reasons why Mercury Cash is considered one of the best cryptocurrency banking software on the market today, however, it is good to clarify what Mercury Cash IS NOT.

Mercury Cash is not a financial advisory company

Many clients (and non-clients) write to us on our social channels asking for information or financial advice, for example asking what cryptocurrency they can invest in (or how much to buy or sell), it is important to clarify that Mercury Cash does not give financial advice and does not provide advice. financial, purchase or sale decisions are exclusive to the user himself (who must make their own decisions in that regard).

Mercury Cash is not a money multiplier

There are users who write to us on our social networks asking how they can grow their wealth through Mercury Cash, believing that by opening an account or buying cryptocurrencies they will obtain “immediate profits”. When a user opens an account in Mercury Cash, they must be clear that their cryptocurrencies or fiat money will be protected and that they will have a secure and modern platform to manage these resources. All our clients have an assigned advisor who can help them clarify the doubts they have about the management of our platform: how to manage their account statements, how to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, how to make transfers between different users, etc.

Mercury Cash does not provide trading advice

Although it is true that Mercury Cash is a company where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, this is done within our same platform, so it is important to note that Mercury Cash is not a trading company. Mercury Cash provides the hosted wallet service where you can operate with fiat money (euros and dollars) and with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash).

If any user wants to trade “on their own” and use their Mercury Cash account to save their cryptocurrencies or trust money, they can do it without any problem, however our platform is not made for trading and our agents do not give advice on traiding

Mercury Cash is not an App to “earn money” online

Another very frequent confusion among users who visit our social networks is that Mercury Cash has an application to “earn money” or contribute a minimum amount to receive “immediate earnings.” It is important to clarify that our application (available for Android and iOS) is a mobile wallet where users can manage their cryptocurrencies (or fiat money) that they have in their Mercury Cash accounts.

What do you think about this topic? Did you have any questions about these things that Mercury Cash IS NOT?

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Image by Tim Gouw via under creative commons license.

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