Buying cryptocurrencies can be an apparently complicated process (especially if you are new to the field of cryptocurrencies). However, if this process is done with a legal company specialized in the field it can become a relatively simple and safe task. Below we will explain how to buy cryptocurrencies in Mercury Cash:

In this option the two operations can be executed, they continue with the options, choosing the option I want, in which you can choose between buying or selling, the type of cryptocurrency that we want to buy or sell. Now, in another field, the option is presented that tells us with what type of currency the payment will be made currently only dollars and euros are available.

Continuing with the operation, the amount of the purchase or sale operation must be indicated, as previously chosen, here in this space the total amount must be placed, either in Fiat money or in cryptocurrencies. As an example, for greater understanding, if you want to buy 10 Ethereum or if you want to sell 100 Bitcoin dollars in the lower part you can immediately see the result of the operation at the time the rates are applied.

And as the last step in the process of buying cryptocurrencies at Mercury Cash, you must choose which of the wallets you want to be credited and proceed to press the continue button. Once all this is done, it takes us to a window called confirmation which allows us to review the operation in progress before definitively moving on to its processing.

If we think that everything is fine that, we are satisfied, we proceed to click on buy or sell as the case may be. Once you have decided to press the option to buy now or sell now, the transaction will be ending. If the operation has gone as expected, a screen will appear next, indicating the success of the operation.

In case you want to print it we look for the printer icon. If we want to carry out another transaction we can press the button to buy or sell more cryptocurrencies depending on the desired case.

When you return to the initial screen the operation that has just been performed will appear by clicking on this option, you will be able to see the details of the transaction made. In this simple and fast way, Mercury Cash allows its users and customers, in general, to carry out the operations of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

In the following video we explain this process in detail:

What do you think about this topic? Did you know how easy it is to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at Mercury Cash?

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Image by Austin Distel via under creative commons license

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