For an entrepreneur to get off to a good start in his business, he must learn to be highly productive. It is said that the key to being an entrepreneur more productive is not the amount of “overtime” that he dedicates to his work but a profitability that he can obtain from them.

Being productive is not working more and producing more, on the contrary, it means that the interest and commitment of work bring us closer, in the most effective way possible, to achieving our objectives. A productive entrepreneur is one who achieves the highest return on their agreed working hours. Below, we will share 10 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

Planning the architecture of the week on Sunday

It means that we must plan on Sunday everything that we will do during the week that will elapse, that way we can project ourselves and schedule our main activities, in addition to saving time, since we will not have to think every day what we have to do at next day and we will devote ourselves to the things that are most important (and we will discard the least important things).

Assume a chain of commitments

All our commitments and things to do we can concatenate them so that they are carried out as we have planned, and thus we cannot “break the chain”, that is, if we must do a personal errand every day, we must do it, and then proceed with the next link (next diligence or task), in this way we ensure compliance with all our activities and increase our level of commitment.

Clarity in objectives

It is recommended to develop objectives not only for weeks but also for quarters, this will allow us to have more clarity where we are going and that is what will allow us to achieve the goals that we have set ourselves and for our business to advance.

Define the place of meetings

Every time we have to hold meetings or meetings, we try to always do it around the same location, if we have to go anywhere, we must have the specific place of the meeting, and thus we will not be “going around” looking for directions and wasting time.

Have a pencil and paper Handy

Always have on hand a pencil and a notebook to write down, this is very important, since every time an idea is presented to us at any time of the day, we will have how to write it down, thus we will avoid forgetting an idea and having to regret it later.

Establish a personal work Schedule

It is important to establish a work schedule and comply fully, it can be at any time, but it should be a time in which we do not have interruptions, and we can develop our ideas and projects. Within these hours we must also establish times for rest as that is what will help us stay more active and productive.

Use “filters” for emails and social profiles

To have proper handling of emails and social profiles, we can use, as far as possible, “filters” to help us select the most important emails or messages, for example, there are assistants who can help us to do it automatically and likewise, mailboxes and inboxes allow us to place filters and labels to organize our inbox.

Schedule only the necessary meetings

Meetings are sometimes contagious or traumatic for the office work environment, so it is recommended to only organize meetings that we consider to be of “utmost importance” with the ideal number of participants (who provide growth and solutions for the company).

Put a time limit on meetings

This is closely related to the previous point. It is important to set a maximum time limit for meetings so that they are not prolonged in simple and unnecessary things, for this there must be a set start and end time, which you must try to respect as much as possible.

Listen to audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is a great training tool since it is an activity that can be carried out while we carry out other tasks such as exercising, cleaning, traveling by car or public transport, waiting for someone, etc.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any other productivity tips for entrepreneurs that you would like to share?

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Image by Dylan Ferreira via under a creative commons license.

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