Better managing our time allows us to be more productive and efficient in our daily activities. In order to reach our goals, it is necessary to meet a series of objectives, which we will gradually “achieve” if we work constantly and intelligently on a daily basis. In this article we will share some tips to better manage our time:

Using the Pomodoro technique

This technique is very effective in improving focus, it was developed by the Italian student Francesco Cirillo in the late 80’s (to improve his performance in exam time) it owes its name to the famous tomato-shaped kitchen timer. The method consists of dividing the time into 25-minute periods called “pomodoros” and separating them into 5-minute breaks (dedicated to rest). The idea of frequent breaks is to focus on the present and be 100% aware of the times. work and rest.

Create your own file storage system

Having our own storage system allows us to have order and clarity when looking for saved files, this system will make it easier for us to find our things faster, as well as saving us a lot of time and headaches.

Find support in an assistant

It is recommended to seek support from an assistant to help us in terms of logistics coordination, travel, meetings, meetings, etc. These small “day to day” activities must be carried out by a personal assistant, in this way we will avoid doing activities that are very time consuming and that prevent us from doing other more important tasks.

Have a good internet service

It is very important to have a good Internet provider, that exempts us from having to be struggling with Internet connection deficiencies. Good Internet service is a fundamental tool for anyone who wants to carry out their work more efficiently since it will allow them to carry out activities optimally and quickly, which also contributes to saving time.

Having more than one Internet service

Regardless of where we are, in our home or office, it is good that we have more than one Internet service, this will avoid future problems, since if we have problems with a provider we can have a backup to continue working, especially if we have an office (with a large number of people working) or if we live somewhere where the Internet connection is unstable.

Required applications

It is recommended to make use of “productivity applications” with our team, however, we must learn to use them correctly since this allows us to maintain permanent and effective communication with our team. Many of these applications will allow us to track and control the assigned tasks effectively, in addition to controlling the time consumed in said activities.

Learn to say NO

It is important to learn to simply say “no” at the right time, avoid the “bombardment” of things that people want us to do, people who do not know how to say “no” are always overworked and usually also stressed. The person who is productive must know how to say “no” and reject everything that blurs him, does not correspond to him, or simply does not allow him to work.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any other time management tips?

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