The Dash cryptocurrency is one of the first 100% decentralized digital money systems, which is increasingly accepted in online commerce. Dash allows to make payments instantly and privately online, likewise, it is also accepted in physical stores.

Dash has a technology with a network design type “Peer to Peer” (P2P) on two levels, this technology gives an award to those users who run a special type of node called Masternode, this network requires that people who maintain Masternodes provide cryptographic proof that they own 100,000.00 nodes per Masternode, this gives the network security against ‘twin’ attacks and other frequent attacks on cryptocurrencies.

The decisions in Dash

The decisions that are relevant in Dash are made through governance, which is decentralized, and was made through the treasury system or the Blockchain. It is a system in which the operators of the master nodes have participation and vote in order to define the new implementations. This happens by approving or rejecting those proposals of the users of the community, hiring new developers, financing conferences, specifying the integration with other exchange houses, or fund assignments.

It is necessary to know that in this system, a Masternode is equal to one vote, in case a user manages several master nodes, it means that he will have as many votes as “master nodes” he has in his possession. It is important to know that those operators of «traditional nodes» or Dash holders, do not have participation in the election. The governance modality directly includes those people who theoretically have more commitments to the project. Any project considered important in Dash is approved and financed by a decentralized public system, in charge of financing the projects autonomously based on the votes of the Masternode network.

The minimum fraction of Dash

Currently, there is no nomenclature regarding the minimum fraction of Dash, however, there are those who use the name “Duff” as the minimum fraction of Dash. That name was given in honor of its creator, Evan Duffield, and this minimum fraction represents 100,000,000 units, equivalent to a Dash.

Thanks to the incentives provided by the network, Dash has grown to 4,100 Masternodes, this means that Dash, for the moment, is the only currency capable of competing with Bitcoin, in terms of transaction processing and with a high capacity of enlargement, in the near future.

What do you think about this topic? Did you know the nomenclature to call the minimum fraction of Dash?

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Image from Dash Price increase via under creative commons license.

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