Cryptocurrency wallets are an essential and important part of digital currencies, their main utility lies in that they serve to receive store, and send cryptocurrencies, which will always need to be stored in a wallet.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A digital wallet, is software that works as an encrypted interface and that is used to receive, store and send different types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash, it is a virtual location on a blockchain, which allows identifying a user from cryptographic keys. The software is simply a way to graphically present this concept to users.

The private key is the one that identifies each Wallet and we should never share it or reveal it to anyone since it is the one that is directly linked to our funds, and is used to sign all our transactions. In the case of the public key, we can share this one since it is our cryptocurrency address and it is the one that will serve us to receive the funds that are transferred to us from a third party.

How do you create a cryptocurrency wallet at Mercury Cash?

To create a wallet, we must first have an account in Mercury Cash, in this case, we will refer to the account created on the web (desktop version), which will allow us to access our wallet, for this purpose it is necessary to follow these steps :

After logging in, we must go to our dashboard, below the menu, is the summary of the balances of each of our wallets, which have an enabled button called “see wallet”.

By clicking on this button we can see a menu that will allow us to manage all our wallets, changing currency at the top.

If we want to create a new wallet, all we have to do is press the “add new wallet” button, assign it an “alias” and complete the process by pressing “add wallet”.

Each user is allowed to have up to 10 different wallets for each type of cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that it is not possible to delete a wallet that we have added, in any case we can change the “alias” if necessary, but it cannot be deleted.

Bitcoin has SegWit and Legacy wallets, for this reason we have two categories to manage them within which we can have up to 10 wallets created. At the time of creating our user account, the system generates a SegWit and a Legacy address, making only 8 possible additional wallets available to the user.

If you want to complement this information you can see the video tutorial at the following link:

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Image by Yucel Moran via under creative commons license.

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