Mercury Cash has good news, after an incredible month (April) of zero fees we will return but with lower fees than before and we will adjust all BUY/SELL fees from 1.99% to 0.99% that’s around 50% better.

We saw how the incentive of reduced fees did bring more activity to our platform, and we want to keep it in that way, for that reason we are setting up 0.99% on BUY and SELL side starting on May 1st, 2020.

Mercury Cash is a world-class company now, and we are competing with giants that have already 9-10 years in the market, and we only 4, we are having amazing traction and amazing niche of users we want to show the loyalty, in these hard times, these are times for brands and every user of Mercury Cash count in us with reduced fees to incentive the economy, we are very focused in what we can control. Below we share the details of our new fees:

You can see the detail of all our fees at the following link.

If you don’t have the mobile app yet, we invite you to download it, since it is one of the best apps in the cryptocurrency market: Android (Google Play) and iOs (App Store).

Mercury Cash is a multinational financial institution registered with the US Treasury Department (31000107380194) and the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FFA000354), as well as licensed as a money transmitter by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation (FT230000208) in the United States.

Mercury Cash is a United States and European Union Trademark registered only for the use of services.

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