Time is one of the most valuable resources we have, since, unlike money, it cannot be recovered, however, there are habits that when put into practice will allow our time to be used to the maximum and our productivity to increase considerably. Here are 5 tips that will allow us to be “highly” productive with our time:

Eliminate routine activities

Routine activities are those carried out on a daily or constant basis, for example: cleaning the home, cooking, updating the computer, bank errands, doing laundry, picking up a package, doing home repairs, among other things. The problem with these activities is that they can steal many hours of “relevant or creative work”, although these activities are necessary (or we want to do them to distract ourselves) we can delegate them to other people and free up a lot of time, although it is possible that we may find it difficult at first, we can do it gradually, for example, we can start delegating the activities that demand more time or generate more stress…

Minimize meetings

Unless we are closing a very important deal (and that operation is decided in that meeting), we should not participate much in meetings or meetings. In other words, these face-to-face meetings must be minimized, since currently social networks (or video conferencing tools) can be used to meet with employees or customers, this is the best since it saves time on the move, decision making and meetings end up being shorter.

Train employees on time management

Not only the boss or leader must manage or use time wisely, but the entire team must also be in the capacity and conditions to manage time, thus avoiding the “contamination” of lost time from “permeating” the entire company and end up affecting the entire team or organization. It is very important to educate the people who work with us on the correct use of time, to achieve this education, a culture will be generated among all employees, which will cause the productivity of the entire organization to increase considerably.

Video process instruction

The process of taking off work implies that we must begin to delegate even those activities that are not so easy, such as those that refer to the standard procedures of a project, company or business, that refer to processes that require more study and dedication. Currently, the tendency to teach processes is not through written manuals, but by making videos of the process (how we would do it), in this way we have a training mechanism for how that process is executed, that is, we will have a standard process, So if there is something that is not understood, only refer to the video and the doubt is clarified.

The ideal is to have detailed and explanatory videos of the different processes that are carried out in our company, and in this way, we will only stay with the activities that are strategic, such as innovation, creative, commercial, leadership, and those that really compete and that only we can do them.

Have efficient decision protocols

It is of utmost importance to have efficient decision protocols over time since, in large companies, decisions take a long time to be made (after countless meetings, meetings, etc.). The problem with these mechanisms is that they focus more on the quality of the decision, rather than speed. The “time” of the decision (especially when starting) is much more important than the “quality” of the decision, especially when they are reversible decisions.

A decision protocol refers to the time we have to make a decision, in case there is no response in a set period, we make the decision and notify by any means, but we speed up the times in decision making.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any other tips that allow you to be more productive?

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Image by Brad Neathery via unsplash.com under creative commons license.

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