Anthony J. Robbins, known as Tony Robbins, is an expert on personal growth and development, energy management, and personal finance. He was born in North Hollywood California on February 29, 1960. In this article, we will share some Tony Robbins rules to achieve success, for personal growth and development, and changing the way we see things.

Progress equals happiness

He mentions that having things in life is not what will give us happiness (and if he does it it will only be temporary), the important thing is to stay focused on the things we are achieving, in such a way that we get excited about these advances, in this case, we can say that progress equals happiness. That progress must be permanent to keep us alive, Tony mentions the importance of setting goals from the beginning of the year, for example, thinking about expanding our business, growing, improving, changing, progressing, etc. Progress is vitality and everything in life is change, change is automatic, but progress is not automatic. If you want real progress, you have to see life differently, take control of the process.

Loving our clients

Tony Robbins mentions that we must treat our clients well from the beginning so that this relationship does not have an unwanted end. Satisfying the needs of the client will result in enlarging our business, with which we can have clients for life. In such a way that it is necessary to “fall in love with them”, this is a different approach to the common one, which has the capacity to create a «different life» due to the different decisions that will have to be made in due course.

Add value

Adding value is necessary for first-level marketing, it is what is called value-added marketing. It is an alternative to traditional advertising that “tires” people, as it is found everywhere and causes people to end up ignoring it (making it a waste of money). A marketing campaign is not only marketing, but we must add value to people, teach them, give them new ideas, which will cause them to want more information, experience, services and products.

Pay attention to the little things

We must take into account that success and failure are not gigantic events, this means that they do not appear or come suddenly, failure generally comes from small things (failure in the call, in the review of accounts, lack of concentration, little physical effort in doing things, etc.) all those little failures “add up” until one day the tragic event occurs and they blame it, but the failure really happens “before” because those little things were not taken into account. Success is not a sudden event either, they are small things, success is being visionary, being convincing, it is seeing and feeling it daily with strong reasons. Success is the feeling that you are there to grow, to give more than yourself. All those little things add up, and that’s where success comes from.

Seek leverage

When we know the result and the purpose, we seek to leverage. Leverage is different from delegating, delegating is when you have a lot to do and we decide to give it to someone to do it (indicating what to do), on the other hand, leverage is a tool that allows you to do with “little effort” great things, and ensure that the result is desired, for example, you should not say “there is no time”, since generally there is time, only we must leverage it. If we are productive, leverage will improve the client and the consumers and will generate work for other people. It is necessary to hire someone who likes that job since there will be no growth if time is spent in unimportant activities, activities lacking high levels of purpose, will end up exhausting the organization, due to all these factors Tony Robbins considers to leverage as the “maximum” power.

Change mindset

Tony Robbins mentions that you have to program yourself mentally and emotionally to do what is necessary to achieve your goals and help those who need it. You must change your focus and train to believe in something possible. Sometimes internal voices do not “let us be” and stop our initiatives, what we must do is train a new voice, with “spells”, not with affirmations. Tony mentions that “enchantments” are not only saying something, but they embody what they say intensely, and after repeating it so much, the person ends up internalizing the idea and ends up doing what they want.

Be skillful

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve the goals, people usually allege that it is due to lack of resources (they did not have support, money, time, etc.). The leaders maximize the available resources, they do not believe in limited resources. The resources are interesting, but the final resources are the feelings of emotion that make a person skilled, the skill is the primary resource, there are people with ideas and they do nothing, and suddenly that idea is seen done somewhere, and they think they will have “stolen the idea” for sure. The difference with those people was not that they had more resources, but that they had more ingenuity, disposition and that they took action.

What do you think about this topic? What do you think is the most important of the rules for success mentioned?

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