Although there are different cryptocurrencies on the market, many users wonder which are the most relevant in 2020. In this article, we will share the 7 most relevant cryptocurrencies taking into account various factors such as popularity, price, support for blockchain technology, decentralization, etc.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is currently the largest and most accepted in the market, it is the first cryptocurrency in the world, a leader in capitalization with around 176 billion dollars, which is the distance by far from second place, in the Ethereum (ETC) is located with 26 billion dollars, which represents a very notable difference.

Ethereum (ETC)

It is ranked as the second most important currency in the world. Since its creation, one of the characteristics that have highlighted it and made it stand out among the others is the use of smart contracts, which guarantees the total decentralization of its transactions. At Mercury Cash, we can have up to 10 Ethereum addresses to operate with this cryptocurrency.

Ripple (XRP)

The third in importance worldwide, known for occupying the preference in the traditional payment system, its technology unites the Blockchain with other cryptocurrencies and has shown the ability to outperform banking transfer systems in speed and costs. Traditional, such as SWIFT, which can cost hundreds of dollars and take several days to make the interbank transfer with several countries, with Ripple it is possible to do it in seconds and at the cost of a penny.


Dash is one of the most outstanding cryptocurrencies within this period, remember that we have previously talked about its multiple benefits such as, for example, the dash dao where node owners have the ability to choose the destination of the funds raised by concepts of mining and support the development of new projects or works that are for the benefit of society.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

It is different from the Bitcoin currency, even when it comes from the same Blockchain, through the realization of a hard fork (separation), the two are different for having new characteristics, for example, among the most important differences we can mention the low cost and the speed in the transaction in BCH

Litecoin (LTC)

In 2019 it was also mentioned as one of the most outstanding cryptocurrencies, and we talk about it as the cryptocurrency of the future due to its limit of available tokens to mine that greatly exceeds that of Bitcoin (it has 84 million and Bitcoin has only 21), its block generation is four times faster than Bitcoin and its blockchain is lighter


It is the decentralized smart contracts network, it tries to follow the technological steps of Ethereum, offering the possibility to users to integrate within a blockchain platform without having to make any payment for it. There are no fees to pay for transactions, however within the EOS network what works is payment for bandwidth and storage, RAM storage and CPU computing power.

What do you think about this topic? Are there any cryptocurrencies that you think should be included?

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Image by André Francois McKenzie via under creative commons license.

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