In this article we will explain in a simple way the procedure that our users must follow when they want to send cryptocurrencies to another person with any address or to a Mercury Cash user; This being one of the most frequently asked questions by users, today we will clarify doubts.

At the time of logging in, we go to the menu that is located at the top of the screen and click on the “send” button, a list of the cryptocurrencies available for operation on our platform will be displayed (shown through of buttons that are the symbols that represent each currency), which we can select and change.

In this case, we select Bitcoin as an example of the procedure, below is the “destination” menu, where we are presented with the option to indicate where we want to send the Bitcoin, you can choose a specific address, which refers to a Mercury Cash contact or another of our wallets

Shipping to an address outside of Mercury Cash

In the case of choosing an address outside of Mercury Cash, the destination address must be placed, and then we decide if we want to add it to the other addresses that we already have saved, by clicking on the “save” address option.

The next step is in «origin», in this section we must indicate from which address our shipment will be made, that is, there we will select one of our purses from where we want the cryptocurrency shipment to be made

To finish, the last step is to indicate the amount that we want to send, the total amount of the operation must be placed and then we click on the “continue” button to carry out the operation.

It is important that Mercury Cash users keep in mind that each cryptocurrency network has a fee, which is applied to all operations carried out with cryptocurrencies.

Send to a contact

If we decide to send to a contact, we start by choosing the destination and origin purse, and as in the previous case, we proceed to place the total amount of the operation that we want to send, and then press the button “continue”.

When transfers are made between Mercury Cash users, they are handled internally and therefore will not pay the network fee.

Shipping between wallets

For the case of sending between purses, it is the same as the previous case, in which the destination and origin purse are chosen, with the difference that both are associated with the Mercury Cash account.

In the following video we explain this procedure in more detail:

What do you think about this topic? Have you already sent cryptocurrencies with Mercury Cash?

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