Taking into account one of the most frequently asked questions by Mercury Cash users, in this article we will briefly explain the steps we must follow if we want to add a person / contact to our list of existing contacts in Mercury Cash.

At the moment of logging in and entering the account, the main menu will appear on the screen and we will then locate ourselves at the top of the right side of the screen, we will find the “contacts” section and proceed to select that section.

After this action, we are in the contacts section, and on the upper right side you can find the “add contacts” option, which we are going to select, then a window will open immediately allowing us to add new contacts to our list.

Now, if what we want is to add a Mercury Cash user, we simply must put a name on it, which allows us to identify it at the time we want to carry out an operation at any opportunity, we will also add your email and then press the button. “Continue” to continue the procedure.

The system will automatically search for existing wallets in Mercury Cash and add them to our contact list. In the list you can see the contacts that have been added, they will appear with their names visible and you can also see their respective purses or wallet addresses.

After the column of currency, we can find the column of “shares” (which is on the right side), there we can choose three different options; a shipment can be made directly (arrow symbol or paper plane), we can also choose to copy the information in the purse if you want to share or use it (double-leaf symbol), and you can also edit the recently added contact information (pencil symbol).

As you can see in the contact list we have a symbol that is outside the actions column, it is the trash symbol, this option is used anytime we want to delete a contact so that it does not appear in our list.

Staying in the contacts section, we are located at the top and on the left of the screen, there is a tool that works as a filter, with which you can see the contacts grouped by purse, selecting the type of purse you want to see; a little more to the right of the screen, you can see the “search” option, which allows us to locate a specific contact from our contact list, there we just have to put the username and only the one saved with that name. If you want you can read our previous article titled Questions and Answers about Mercury Cash (CEO: Víctor Romero)

You can see this process in more detail in the video tutorial at the following link:

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