Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, winemaker among other things, he was born in Belarus (Former Soviet Union) on November 14, 1975. He emigrated to the United States the same year of his birth with his family. His family settled in Queens, New York, and from there they moved to New Jersey where he managed a successful lemonade sales franchise, then he joined the family business of selling wine. Vaynerchuk graduated from Mount Ida College in Massachusetts in 1998. Starting in 1999, he took over the family business and later changed the name to Wine Library, making Internet sales.

In 2006 he started the Wine Library TV program, broadcast daily lecturing on wine, which was a success. Gary is also an investor and advisor for Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, among others, a regular speaker at global conferences on technology and entrepreneurship. Here are some rules for success that Gary recommends:

Focus on our strengths and self-assess

It is necessary to have confidence and believe in our strengths and put aside what does not serve or slow us down. It is good from time to time to evaluate ourselves to know our capabilities if we are not able to self-evaluate, we can look for someone we trust in our environment to do it and tell us who we are, this will allow us to know ourselves better and identify our strengths, weaknesses and establish our goals. Once we are clear about our goals, we should focus on “getting started” or developing our project or business.

Work hard and take advantage of time

The way to obtain resources for what we want is by working, if we are doing something else (but we want to do a project that we like), we must work “outside” our normal working hours, that way we begin to build our own project or personal brand, but “outside” the hours of our usual work. There will always be time available to develop our own projects, for example, we can choose to get up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later, we can also stop watching that favorite television (or Internet) “series” or “program” at night and dedicate that Time for our project, it is only a matter of making some sacrifices to achieve success, this translates into working more and having better management of our time.

Execute our ideas

Having great entrepreneurial ideas in mind is very good, but what is really worthwhile is taking action, putting that idea into practice and executing it. We all have ideas, the problem with entrepreneurship is that there is a lot of emphasis on ideas, but there are no concrete actions and in the end, that idea is not carried out. It is very important that once we have a business idea, we take immediate action, begin to apply the habits of successful entrepreneurs and work on that idea.

Don’t underestimate the narrative

The narrative is often underestimated in business, the reason could be because we are not aware of it, and sometimes people do not realize what is happening. Sometimes new technologies do not matter, what matters is the way it is presented. You have to understand what the consumer wants and take it emotionally along the way through a story and a narrative.

The reason why people sometimes don’t understand why something (or someone) is successful is because of the narrative (this is generally overlooked or ignored), when a good narrative is achieved you can sell any quality product or service (however limited the market).

Do the important things

Delegating is a good alternative when what is done is not the most important thing, in these cases, you can pass the work to someone else, and then “micromanage” what we consider to be of great importance, thus progress is made in building the project or business, not always most things require our personal attention, therefore, delegating is a good option, the important thing is to focus on the things that are most important and delegate the rest of repetitive (or less important) tasks to others.

Don’t make excuses

The biggest obstacle to success is a lack of optimism, it is not a lack of time or a lack of capital (these are generally excuses for not starting and moving forward in business). Valuable excuses could perhaps be family health and well-being (which could keep the mind off the company). We must always focus on the solution and not on the problem. We must have “zero excuses” to achieve the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves.

Success does not come overnight

The social environment and new technologies have “bad habit” us to have everything “immediately”, however, this is a bad habit for business or companies. We start from the premise that nothing in life is free, nothing happens overnight, but in reality, everything requires a lot of work, talent and effort, you have to go to work since nothing will come by chance. Therefore, we must be clear that there is no “overnight success” and that we must learn to put off “immediate gratifications” in order to build our future.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know of another rule for success?

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