Currently, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest value and best known globally, this cryptocurrency was the one that made blockchain technology known and promoted the emergence of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin presents a series of curiosities, perhaps the most relevant of which is the enigma presented by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto (about whom not many details are known about this mysterious character). Below we share 7 curiosities about this cryptocurrency:

The term “Bitcoin” appears twice in your white paper

This has brought some controversies regarding its definition, different parties have resorted to its white paper, which is the first document that describes it, as well as to Satoshi’s own comments, the funny thing is that the term “Bitcoin” only appears twice in the white paper, once in the title and once in your web domain.

Its pioneer Hal Finney was an Atari game designer

Hal Finney was the pioneer of Bitcoin and perhaps the first user of Bitcoin that exists, before dedicating himself to the crypto world, he worked for the Mattel company, which was dedicated to the toy store, and he also dedicated himself to developing video game software for Atari. His relationship with Bitcoin, perhaps makes him the first person interested in digital currency, he writes the term for the first time on Twitter and receives for the first time a transaction in BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto himself. This is why he is suspected of being Satoshi himself. Finney passed away in 2014, after a failed fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Messages can be decrypted on the Bitcoin blockchain

A curiosity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is about its messages, and that is that encrypted messages can be written on the Bitcoin blockchain. Some of them have been deciphered, and among so many messages that have been found, most are on the subject of politics.

Small fractions

In the world every day there are more companies and businesses that accept Bitcoins as forms of payment, especially those that work online. It is important to note that a single Bitcoin has a relatively high price to handle in purchase and sale transactions, however, you can have “small fractions” that are called satoshis, precisely in honor of its creator.

The purchase that turned a student into a millionaire

A student of Norwegian origin, named Kristoffer Koch, in 2009 acquired 5,000 Bitcoin and paid $ 27 for them, and then in 2013, he remembered that he had made that purchase due to the news boom that there was about cryptocurrencies, that purchase means who is currently a millionaire who owns a Wallet valued at 13 million dollars.

The largest transaction

One of the curiosities of this cryptocurrency is the amount of a transaction that has been known, and that is that the largest transaction that has been carried out since Bitcoin appeared, has been a striking amount of 194 993 Bitcoins, a sum which is currently equivalent to almost 2 trillion dollars.

Satoshi Nakamoto was in a bad mood

Even though little is known about the creator of Bitcoin, there are some things that were learned thanks to a person who worked with him directly, although, from a distance, this person is called Laszlo Hanyecz, who was the first to buy a pizza with Bitcoins, that is a Blockchain developer, and gave some details to the press. And it is that in the conversations via email, he perceived Satoshi as a being in a bad mood, authoritarian and somewhat paranoid. He mentions that he only talked about the project and demanded a lot for what he considered to be his hobby. According to Laszlo, he tried to be his friend, but Satoshi always kept his distance.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know any other curiosities about Bitcoin that you would like to share?

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Image from Tought Catalog via under creative commons license.

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